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  • Hello everyone, I recently (yesterday) bought the Paladins champion package from the Epic Games Store, but I didn't receive the product, I decided to wait a while to see if it was delivered, but until now I haven't received it, my friend also bought it through the same platform but received it immediately, I try to send a ticket to support but I can't, the form doesn't work, I sent an email to HiRez but I haven't been answered until now, I had a problem migrating my account on Steam, but I ended up creating a new account on Epic Games to play and buying the package I haven't received yet, I have the receipt at Epic Games and by email the vouchers, I would like someone to help me, already, thankful. Note: I play in Brazil.

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    You should try to send support ticket in another browser/incognito mode

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  • Thanks for replying, I was able to send a support ticket in another browser, even though they showed me that they had a higher volume of tickets than usual, I will wait for a reply in the email I left. And B4TC4V3, I bought it because I found it cheap and as I ended up discovering the game now, it will help me to feel all the magic of a new game.

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