Darkness and Dragons Recap

  • Looking at steam numbers I have been trying to work out why the hell we lost over 10000 steam players since April. And I realised that April 29 is when Darkness and Dragons was released. At first I thought the removal of kill cams top play was the thing, but people played through out that month. However the same month Darkness and Dragons hits we lose 10k players in a month and then slowly another 3k roughly around the time of the June political message. And you know what? I think it is because the rewards and skins in this battle pass were absolute trash. I got the pass just for extra chests and stuff.

    I honestly think you were aiming way too much for kids, but like appealing to younger than teenager demographic with these skins. And thats not a target audience you want to aim for because they literally have very little agency over what they play or how often they play and how much money is spent. On top of that you gave Viktor a Dragon skin? But not Pip? I am sorry who ever is sat around that table making descisions doesn't play Paladins clearly or ever spend time on reddit or these forums. Everyone agrees Pip needs a new skin, its a meme at this point. Also Pip makes for a great character model to turn into a dragon thing. And imagine mini Drogo bouncing around with a potion launcher?! But no instead we have a crappy viktor skin. The voices for Khan and Viktor's skins also feel like very childish cartoons that try reallly really hard to appeal to young children.

    So maybe that does have a role on why we lost so many players. Lack of motivation. Sands of Myth had great skins, a voice pack announcer thing. They appeal to the demographic of paladins which is 12-30 year old men mostly ok. Cute wifu skins. There was a vocal MINORITY of people who didn't like the furry skins and the Queen Pepper Card but these are the same ppl that called you "brave" back in June while not being there for you as players/customers. But even the non wifu skin skins are nice. The Tiberius skins look great and the Raum skins too. The sprays were pretty cool too and so was the frame.

    I think the one good thing about this Battlepass is the Strix skins.. everything else was meh. And it correlates with when we lost a lot of players.

    Other than the skins the other rewards also kinda sucked.

  • @elCheechio Look at the numbers before April, they were slightly above what they're now, in fact last October it was almost the same as now. The player count has always been declining, there was a spike in the last period because of the quarantine, which forced people to stay at home hence having more time to play. As soon as the quarantine ended (in the countries where it did), obviously people started playing less so the numbers started dropping again. I don't think Darkness & Dragons had that much fault you say, if any.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere October 2019 had 20k + players on steam alone. What are you on about? That is how many players there are now days with all the consoles included and steam only has 10-17k players. It repeaked with the update. I hope we get a steady growth

    Oh and this battlepass is 100% about wifu's and shit so MAYBE they were like OMG NO ONE BOUGHT THE DRAGONS MOAR WIFUs

    And you know they werent 100% wrong but there is wifu and wifu. These Wifu's feel a lil forced but we'll see maybe they'll grow on me like default Io did (took like half a year to come to terms with that icky little thing)

  • @elCheechio said in Darkness and Dragons Recap:

    @SomeGuySomeWhere October 2019 had 20k + players on steam alone. What are you on about?

    I got that info from SteamCharts, which shows that 20k was only the peak player count, 10k the average. Are you getting the numbers from a different source ?

    Oh and this battlepass is 100% about wifu's and shit so MAYBE they were like OMG NO ONE BOUGHT THE DRAGONS MOAR WIFUs

    Do you seriously think they decided the content for the new battlepass only after seing the performance of the previous, well into its duration ? And then what, they created all the ""waifu"" skins and the rest of the battlepass in a month ?

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