Barik Main on Barik Talent Balance

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    I don't know why there's people saying Barik's mid-tier even if they are entitled to their own opinions (unless they are based on falsehoods) but, on to the point of the topic. You can comment if you agree/disagree, but keep in mind a few things: I don't appreciate toxic comments, these are my opinions, and also these opinions are backed by almost 1400 matches of experience with the character.

    Barik is in a pretty decent spot right now. He does good damage, sustains well if you can play him well, but isn't oppressive as he is weak against hard CC and burst. But I do think there are problems with his talents being a bit bland in what they do.

    • Architectonics: No longer increases turret damage, and cooldown reduction is decreased from 3s to 2s. Now instead grants Barik the ability to place a third turret.

    • COMMENTARY: I feel like it just flatly increasing turret damage and reducing the turret cooldown is honestly a bit of a bland effect for this talent. So instead it will decrease the cooldown by slightly less (as the talent is strong right now and the CDR is its biggest selling point), and now grant you a THIRD turret charge. Of course you'll have to wait a grand total of 24 seconds to get there instead of the 14 you have to wait with Live Architectonics, but you'll now have an even more durable setup and more damage to boot. Just a bit less uptime is the price to pay. A little worried this might potentially be OP, but unsure.

    • Fortify: No longer reduces the shield's cooldown. Instead, the shield becomes a dome (Similar size to ult). Shield health boost increased from 2000 to 2750.

    • COMMENTARY: Fortify seems to be Barik's most balanced talent at the moment. Granting him an option to increase the uptime of his shield. However, this just makes it essentially two cards merged into a talent. Although this concept will keep and in fact raise the health boost of his shield, it will no longer reduce the cooldown. But instead make the shield a dome! This will allow it to protect from more angles. This talent admittedly is designed with newer players in mind that don't know how to properly weave in and out of Barricade, but it also makes the shield more helpful to your team especially when you are pushing through chokes. May be Barik's worst talent again, or may be good, hard to say.

    • Tinkerin: Slug damage increased from 480 to 520. Projectile speed increased by ~15%.

    • COMMENTARY: Tinkerin at the moment is quite easily Barik's worst talent. The only one with a lower than average winrate in Diamond+ matches in fact (last I checked). Not only does it give you worse damage than base, it gives you a slow moving projectile instead of hitscan to work with. And talents are supposed to be improvements... Now it will actually deal identical damage to base and also retain slightly more effectiveness at range with its projectile speed buff. This will not make it as good as old Tinkerin from Season 2, but it should be more on the map as an option for maps with longer sightlines. Of course somebody like me that's jumping half the time in fights still has to adapt to the talent's lack of compatibility with said strategy, but that honestly works in the talent's favor.

    DISCLAIMER: Assumes a Wrecker and a Bulldozer buff (probably to [30/60/90])%

  • Well I cannot really argue with most design alterations.

    A dome shield and active movement, can be like having two walls of defence. Trying to chase through it can be a hasstle. But half shell exists so its not bad... but to have two domes on hand.... with no cd gap idk.... thats a lot of cover.

    All I think about with fortify is that there is no harming or utility barriers in the game.

    If a slow of sorts was applied to targets who walk though it, then barik would have some dive protection vs foes who just dash through the barrier.
    By that design you could just walk upto people with a slow by deploying your shield on them and that seems like a pretty jank use for it, thus why I do not oft talk about the idea.

    Another idea for shield utility, fortify amps ally damage passing through it. Therefore you can have your shield wall to amp whatever is stacked behind, allies or turrets.

    I had a thought that tink could pierce through up to 1 additional target at the expense of dealing less damage after it penetrates the initial target.

    Weapon attack penetration could be beneficial to apply caut, and hold a corridor vs stacking and make up for a lack of caut application from slugs.

    Personally I hate weapon attack talents in their current state esp tink.