Buff heal decresing

  • Hi!
    ally heals are realy strong infights so we just have to decrease it for get a chanse for kill anyone. This is why we have to buy Cauterize all the time. But the pressure to buy the same item constatly in unhealthy for the game and boring, so I just suggest to put it into the base kit, and let us buy whatever we want.

    -Add 50% heal decreasing effect to all kind of attacks for 1.5s into the base kit.
    -Nerf the scaling of Cauterize from 25% to 10%.
    -Also decrease the cost of Cauterize from 300 to 250.
    -Reduce the out of combat waiting time by 0.5s.

    The benefits will:
    -Better heal decreasing in the start of the combat.
    -Better max heal decreasing against healer meta.
    -Cheaper Cauterize for counter heals and get kills.
    -Better selfregeneration for play more independently from your healer, so don't rely on your healer all the time, and it could make Veteran a thing.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in Buff heal decresing:

    -Add 50% heal decreasing effect to all kind of attacks for 1.5s into the base kit.
    -Nerf the scaling of Cauterize from 25% to 10%.
    -Also decrease the cost of Cauterize from 300 to 250.
    -Reduce the out of combat deadline by 0.5s.

    • This would be a bit much on the percentage, but might be a pretty good idea if that 50% was a 30% IMO.
    • The Caut changes seem like it may make the item too weak especially with the 30% base I suggested, would have to be tested.
    • This would be a substantial help to certain characters. Pip would probably benefit the most, from what I know. If my support Moji concept came to fruition, this would be a MASSIVE buff for her as well.

  • @Dusklicious You need caut2 for kill, what gives you the 50% heal decreasing. This is what I would give you for free, so decrease the need of Cauterize. You could be a good damage dealer without this item. But Cauterize would be still important against double healer compositions and against selfheal champions like Buck and Seris.

  • @KicsitCsicska The game is unplayable till Caut 2 is online.

    I would like the items to scale buy price.

    • Caut 1 $250 > 5%
    • Caut 2 $500 > 10%
    • Caut 3 $750 > 15%

    But it cumulative so this would be 30%
    Every 250 credits spent is another 5% caut

    This would make the upper tier of the item store have value.

  • As I said in the thread where I aired this concpet, the values can be played around with later. The expression was adding caut to base kit as a gamplay feature and minimaise the difference between min and max heal ratio.

    There was a reason I specified 20base/40/60/80 caut values.
    Its not too much of an alteration of the current system.
    Its just expressing a concept without a major gamplay change.
    Not saying anything untoward about 50%, but its a big leap that it may have other issues. A %50 percent base is stronger, but would allow weapons with good caut application to shine over others from level one without any investment, that may be a balancing issue.

    I would prefer antiheal to be ineffective-ish at tier 0, not a major influance until purchased, simply a base kit effect that hinders players surviving on %10-20 hp provided by whatever forms of free healing are abused.

    A %40 tier one is just a weaker caut 2 at level 1. And while it does not provide the same lethality as %50 antiheal straight up, it still has enough impact to force cover compared to the current %25 that does nothing in the face of good sustain until later ranks. I feel as though 40% anti heal would allow healing to provide enough DR to still resist low dps, while not making it too hard for lowdps to land a kill a target being sustained.

  • It could have worked, but devs rather buffed heals and caut again. Season 2 came back.
    Buy caut all the time, bye.

  • I completely agree with this post. Each match in competitive i feel like cauterize is a MUST HAVE. You literally see 80+% (if not 100%) of players in a match using it. This gives less variety of perk choices to pick from.

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