I don't use discord so i'd like to report a bug here

  • When you have ammo card in torv's build and provide shield to ally when reloading, you may cause reload bug where your ally can't finish reload untill death.

  • Yeah that sounds about right.
    Trust Mojo to add a one off ammo regen design without actually field testing it with evey outcome.

    Not only does it scale poorly depending on the ammo count of the player, it just feels so filler for a frontline. Its something that ought to be applied by support or damage, not a character who is somewhat both damage and support but neither at the same time.
    Like a %max ammo regen would not be bad design if limited to a max of 25% but on massive ammo mags it would be busted to go further.

    There is just no reason to support ammo regen on ally with this design when there could be other alternatives, I would rather field studies grant temp infinite ammo, then see ammo restoration..

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