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  • The combination of bulldozer, cauterise and lunas nerfed health makes Luna obsolete and almost seems unfair. Bulldozer can easily kill Luna on its own, cauterise gives Io the inability to heal Luna at all and the nerfed health just makes all of this way to easy. Reverting Luna health changes makes Lunas survivability a little higher making it more balanced for Io players, Luna already gets shredded by the enemy team giving her 3k health is ridiculous to say the least. Needing to max out the feral strength card means that for example her moonlight generation cards need to be lowered which means less healing overall but cauterise being cheaper already means less healing this issue doesn’t need to add to this one. In conclusion please just give Luna back her original health.

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    You can reposition Luna and take it out of danger. Maybe try not placing it blindly on point either - I call that animal abuse BTW. Consider points in the Lunar Connection, Spirit Arrows cards and/or chronos if you need to.

    It's not fair that there is effectively a 6th player. Also, I've used Luna as a impromptu front when there isn't one.

    IMO, the nerfs are justified.

  • I think Io needs another nerf actually, tbh. Her healing is still a part of this whole, "pocket the hitscan" meta that needs to be brought down. From 1,000-->900 healing per second, and she's good.

    Also, you don't need hp cards. Luna has more than enough hp, and most enemies aren't buying bulldozer like that. If your fox is getting hit, reposition it.

  • Replying to the reposition point, I don’t put Luna on point so she’s never out in the open I use life link and I keep Luna around corners with me so she can help keeping me alive I also use Luna for moonlight regeneration, with this new nerf Luna is dying a lot more and is hindering my play style and in my opinion making it way to easy for people to cancel out Io’s ability (Luna/Guardian Spirit) entirely. I get that pocketing is an issue but so is Jenos and Corvus I don’t often see Io being an issue if so cauterise does exist and Io is semi easy to kill anyways which means Luna dies with it.

  • Of course you dislike the nerfs cuz you are an Io player. Let me tell you the perspective of a high elo master/GM dps/flank player:
    If I'm playing against a Jenos, I can normally kill enemies through the Astral mark, if I'm playing Androxus for example. Jenos is pretty weak and defenseless himself and dies in 3-4 shots and a punch for sure.
    If I'm playing against a Corvus, his pocket is pretty annoying to kill through, however Corvus himself is pretty weak. I can easily kill him normally if I get the jump on him before his teammates can help him, and even if he tries to tp away I can just chase and finish him.
    If I'm playing against Io, we either lose TONS of point cap, or if I try to kill her, I will have about 3 enemies shooting me immediately. Even if it's only a 1v1, she just hides behind her dog, and I take not only damage from her but also form her dog, and in total it really HURTS. Not only does she have 2 jumps during which she can still shoot (which can't be said about Corvus TP), but also an "I win button" ultimate. It just takes too much time to kill Io during which her teammates are normally all looking at me. And killing enemies through her healing is basically impossible early game, and late game it's hard as well especially if they pick up Haven. So I can NEITHER kill the enemy DPS, nor can I kill Io, and that's if I hit all of my shots. All in all the enemies can play extremely safe and protect their squishies WHILE AT THE SAME TIME getting tons of free point cap, which adds up to being extremely busted to play against. Just my 2 cents...that's why the nerfs are more than justified

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    @Xuale I've seen a lot of people just throw Luna out there just begging for it to be shot at.

    If Luna is "safe" then I don't understand the objection. People should be trying to kill you over Luna. I mean you can still heal and shoot after all.

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    It's always fun to read an Io main's salt. Io is probably STILL the best support in the game even with these nerfs... She was the highest winrate champion last patch, and it isn't difficult for any unbiased player playing last patch to see why.

    Io still needs more nerfs in the form of Bulldozer buffs to be even remotely balanced. Essentially having a second character that you can place on objectives while you go out and heal your team while they zone is just such a valuable thing for a team to have that, while I doubt Io is still worth banning every match, I think she's still potentially worth a ban even with the fact it can be Cauted (without that, Io would be almost EXACTLY the same as last patch...).

    She's not going to have a60% Winrate in Diamond+ anymore, but she's fine. Stop whining.

  • I played Io and noticed not difference healing Luna. Is the Luna caut already implemented? I thought they wrote they want to test it first or something.

  • If it acts like a player at capping a point.
    It should not be kept there by bogus sustain.
    If it lies in the open, exposed, it needs to be pressured.

    Currently, its a strong anti frontline tool as they struggle to do anything against it with damage alone when it is contesting an area.

    Good deployment of Luna can act like a body barrier for smaller allies, because allies can shoot thorough it, walk through it.
    If a character backpedals around a corner and stands behind luna and shoots though it, what the fuck is anyone chasing them supposed to do without getting around it.
    Its was cover that can be healed, without cauterise.
    Name one barrier that has that level of potential regeneration.

    Wasting a players time trying to kill a deployable, must feel soo good for Io players.
    You think caut on luna will feel bad for you...
    Imagine what it was like playing frontlines and not being able to pressure a static object due to it possessing the same HP as you, it cannot be cauterised while you can and you have no ability to read when the stun is up.

    Most low dps vs deployables, especially Fernando, Ash, Grover, can take max dozer, it still takes way too long to kill luna with sustain, you would be better directing your fire on a target that can be cauterised.
    Lets do some math, If I have say 450dps what hope do I have against a 3k hp deployable with 1k hp heal sustain that does not caut.
    450 dps weapon x dozer %20 margins, max dozer %60 results in 270 extra damage, a 720 damage per sec weapon at max rank, cannot even get passed the healing and still takes longer then 4s to kill.

    I am forced to depend on other players to take care of it with the current dozer values...
    And that is not a good feeling for balanced gameplay.

    Honestly, those angry at the luna change, if you cannot identify why it needs a nerf in the first place, what level of player are you to be complaining...

    I would not mind pets being applicable targets for all heal abilities as long as pets can be cauterised...
    I would not mind luna being a tad more reactive with replacement CD and return time after death, if she is more easily killed.
    Maybe a fraction hp if she had better respawn time after death as well as healing from other sources.

  • Io cannot shoot through Luna. I didn't know that other champs can. Maybe it's a bug?

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    @Dusklicious said in Io Nerf Opinion:

    It's always fun to read an Io main's salt. Io is probably STILL the best support in the game even with these nerfs...

    Second best actually from what I can tell, but not by too far. Still amusing to hear Io mains whining.

    @M3RC3N4RI0 Probably. Anyone on your team should be able to shoot through your placed Luna as Io.

  • Its intended...

    I think they made Io not shoot through luna as they knew luna was too jank tanky to be abused in such a way, by the player... a ying playstyle would just not be fun to fight against.

    But with other allies it has potential to combo.
    And that also comes into winrate factor.

    Having a deployable on point, that allies cannot shoot through would be a vantage hinderance. Any a shield that absorbs your sides bullets for free can be abused by any enemy with a piercing attack. So there is sense that allies can still attack through it.

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