• i just got this game a few weeks ago. im very new to it and dont play a lot.
    but every other game i get into therse one guy just runnign into 3 people then stadning still shooting.
    and then theres another palyer waiting for 1 min to leave spawn then goin afk somewhere adjacent to the obj and waiting till dead not firing any weapons or abilities.
    last game was rukus. i have no idea how half of these mechanics work and im actively trying to play this game.
    what is so wrong with these humans they need to just throw casual games all day?
    i quit games now. im 29 with a full time job. i dont have 15 minutes to sit and watch my team get their butts rammed in while 5 people tag team each player on my team because its a 3v5 the whole time at best.
    i know some players dont understand and are potatos. that not what im reffering to.
    its when can clearly tell they are throwign and im new. its that obvious.
    like i came to actually PLAY a game.
    how is it s 50% of my matches are this level of obvious throwing. then the other 50% i usually do very well. and we win extremely convincingly.
    im hoping the enemy teams dont have throwers. that wouldnt help me learn and improve either. like what is so wrong with people they spend the time just loadinga game that 5v5 or any team game for that matter. then not actually play it.
    they just sit there and watch their team lose over and over.
    what the actual fudge is wrong with people. is unbearable. and im not going to keep playing this game if this is the experience im going to be met with over and over.
    i have more interesting and engaging things to do with my time.

    i think this game if simplified a bit or had more in depth tutorials would be really great game for more players to check out.
    but my experience in the less than 20 hours played.... im all set for now. ill go back to halo and overwatch with a vpn and splitgate. etc.

    im not goign to play without someone else adding me as friend or people i know online.
    its such a waste of tiem otherwise.

  • @imfobk What level is your account ? At lower levels you automatically only play training matches, where is common to have bots on your team (which would explain the behaviour of those running on the objective and being useless) or people just there to farm matches (those standing afk near the objective).

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