[Switch] Randomly exiting the game

  • Hello Paladins Pals!

    I will do my best to explain my problem (English is not my native language.) ^^'
    I've been playing Paladins on Switch since BP Battle Suit. And I always had this problem. I have trouble to say if this is a bug or a crash. And that only happens to me on Paladins.

    It occurs during a game, when matchmaking is done, or also in the main menu. There is no paticuliar time when it occurs. It's not every 15min, 30min, or 1 hour. 🤷 It's random.

    So the game shuts down, the screen goes black and I get this error screen saying : "You quit the software because of an error has occurred."

    EDIT 1: I just checked my error history in my console. Nothing to report on Paladins.

    Where should I go? 🤔
    Thanks in advance dear Paladins Pals! 🙌

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