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    @KicsitCsicska said in August Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious I played some tanks, and I'm starting to remember how frustrating could be being a frontliner main.
    First of all: why my team does pick caut? Is it outfashion rn?

    We lost this second one. What could I do even more?

    It's not. People are just idiots... Of course it doesn't help you have three supports including a Stun Damba (which is honestly essentially a throw pick at this point). Your comp at least has a Vivian which could pressure if they had half a brain but people play her usually because they either don't or are just sick people who delight in making other people feel pain.

    Yeah it really SUCKS to be a tank main sometimes... To have to deal with DPS mains with no concept of applying pressure, and with people in general who think that it's your job to be everyone's full-time babysitter... Ugh. Frankly I feel much more pain playing support or flank than frontline though, partially because front is the only role I'm actually good at playing. But partially because healing morons with zero positioning skill is pain... And watching bad tank players is extra painful when you main the role...

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    Does Tiberius' hit box go double size when he leaps? Sha-lin sniped me mid air.. What BS.

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    Apparently posting a tier list on Guru is totally pointless. Just made one and it won't even load the page.

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    This Skye gets a "Woohoo! Cancel That!"/10 (Can't name and shame if their name doesn't even show up)

    Reeeport Skye.jpg

    Report Skye.jpg

    Reeport Skye.jpg

    Not too much later, still playing Fernando, I outdamaged a bad Tiber spamming "You Rock" "Cancel that" by 20k in 10 f***ing minutes. 10/16/4 Tiber, 19/9/12 Fern... Seems like the Tib isn't the problem to me. 🤔

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    Imagine trying to give somebody in casual advice (that deft hands is a terrible item on almost every character and that they should focus on maxing Caut instead), and they tell you to go play ranked... Also the same person whining about you is the same one that threatened to leave after losing a single point by 10% cap...Even with the slight extra DPS, they managed to still only do 20k more than their healer (hybrid Grover granted)... Just wow, I'm f***ing amazed by some of the f***ing morons that play this game. Getting toxic with somebody just trying to tell you something in casuals...

    I'll also note that this thread is dying again... I can't be the only one with salt.

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    People can not fucking play this game, I fucking swear. This is a good game, but the players are just bad. First game, they were prioritizing a fucking Tyra that was only farming damage from Inara on point and from the Drogoz dumb enough to flying over her. They prioritized her instead of the Evie killing their support, even though I would shadow travel, say "enemies behind us!", and went to them. Androxus was like "if we kill Tyra we win!" Well Tyra had 16 deaths, higher than anyone else in the entire fucking game. I'm pretty sure killing Tyra wasn't the win condition. Though Evie died 10 times, the least out of anyone on her team, and she had the most kills. I'm pretty fucking sure that killing Evie was the win condition here.


    Next you had Seris, Talus, and Lian who were just bad. This Seris had no awareness. She wouldn't heal you unless you were right in front of her. Bomb King and I had to work together to take out Raum, Furia, and Moji, since those 3 would try to flank an unaware Seris from behind. Only Bomb King and I were killing Moji. Everyone else kept dying or farming the obvious bot Tyra. And Seris of course decided to pocket Talus and Lian, who were obviously bad and kept dying. Also, Seris and Lian were in a party together. Explains why she pocketed Lian, despite Lian being trash. Though no explanation as to why she was also pocketing a Talus, instead of trying to pocket Bomb King and I, who were the obvious carries of the team.

    Also, my duo took some of my tp, and I'm pissed about it. I solo queue to Plat II and do well by myself, I decide to join my duo because you know 'one less idiot on the team.' Yet he picks some curveballs that caused us to lose. And then he just left. Ugh! Solo life again I guess...

  • Did AoC really ask for Talus nerf? 🤦 🤦 After he's been nerfed so much to shiet? 🤦 🤦

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    Fix the friggin game...

    Counter gets to 0 and stuck. Match was 2 to 0 by the time I got in.



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    Happened again. Game is F'd. My PC never crashes. If this is happening to me then forget about it.


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    After being up against Aegis Fernando x number of times and being frustrated I decided to try it myself. TBH, I hate Fernando's play style. Don't know how long Tib was a bot... I sat there a lot. Enemy Fern was scorch.

    Result... Aegis is BS in current state.



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    You guys want to see some real BS, look at this. Luckily it's not one of my matches... How does a match like this take place?

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    @TTraw said in August Rage Thread:

    Did AoC really ask for Talus nerf? 🤦 🤦 After he's been nerfed so much to shiet? 🤦 🤦

    Talus honestly is fine right now. He wasn't when they broke his firerate during PTS (which made his change a straight-up buff at the time), but now? He's okay. They need to focus more on buffing...

    Also they said nerf KOGA. Even Jayflare pointed out how stupid that is saying that he's already barely viable on PC as is, being essentially worse than Talus in every possible way on almost every map...

  • @Dusklicious said in August Rage Thread:

    Talus honestly is fine right now. He wasn't when they broke his firerate during PTS (which made his change a straight-up buff at the time), but now? He's okay.

    No. Talus + Corvus is "fine". Talus on his own is in the worst spot he has ever been imo.

    You know I had always low opinions on talus. So when they nerfed his:

    1. Overcharge DPS (From 1641 DPS to 1543)
    2. His life steal card (from 8|8% to 5|5%)
    3. His DR card by 1%/lv

    only to boost his main DPS by whooping 50. I can't even take him seriously anymore. He was always a bad designed flank and now he is very weak as well.

    I hate how they nerfed him only because Corvus has that one mustpick card everyone rocks and breaks the balance. Grand Design nerf, along with buff to like 90% of Corvus' cards, is long overdue.

  • @TTraw Corvus, Jenos, and Io are getting a lot of people nerfed. People are even trying to nerf Inara, who is actually fine. The issue is that those 3 supports I listed can keep a constant heal on people. They are responsible for this whole, 'enable the dps' meta. People who wanted Furia out of their meta, they got their wish. I bet they want Furia and Barik now though. lol.

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