August Rage Thread

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    The Bounty System seems really, really pointless IMHO. If they want to give us more skins for cheaper (which honestly they already give us enough skins on the cheap), just lower crystal prices on particularly more expensive individual purchases and Diamond Chests. The Bounty skin on the other hand seems to usually just give out lower quality skins if you log in at just the right time with the right number of bounty tokens.

    Seems like a system that doesn't really serve a purpose.

  • Ahhh my rage post for the month. Ranking system (still) and the new bounty store.

    For the ranking system, I'm incredibly tired of being paired with ranks way below my own, or being put up against people way above my rank. As fun as a challenge is, it's not very fun to lose all my tp because my team plays like they're all much lower ranks than I am. I'm not asking for god like team mates, just team mates who are in my own rank.

    And for the bounty store, it's incredibly bugged. Sometimes prices will glitch and be way more expensive than what other players are having to pay, or you may just not earn any bounty tokens at all from daily quests.

    As a bonus, my main complaint for the moment is some characters are WAY worse than the majority and just are not worth using in the slightest unless you're just trying to have fun and don't care if you win or lose which can be frustrating to play with.

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    Toxic DPS players may be more irritating and also far more common, but bad tank players are bad too. 😒 In fact they bother me ALMOST AS MUCH, because bad tank players are very cringy to say the least to those of us who main the role. So over-aggressive when they shouldn't be, either hogging or ignoring point, and just generally playing the role so badly they end up being ult batteries instead of useful teammates...

    Also had one that whined about me when I was legit carrying while they kept feeding. Kind of hilarious to be honest.

    Another thing: Can we please buff Lex in a way that ACTUALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE? Retribution is STILL a waste of an ability slot that does next to nothing useful, his RMB does horrible damage...

    So many toxic, incompetent, horrible teammates lately... 😒 It's like every other loss is just caused by throwing. Even GMs are doing it! I've actually seen GMs throw ranked games, several times. 😡 In fact I edited this post just after it happened again. And they wanted an Ash solo tank too.. Just nah.

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    @Dusklicious Toxic DPS incoming... WTF can't anyone on my team buy cauterize. Match should have been 15 minutes max.



  • So overall, casuals has been a lot better. Sure Corvus and Io are still in games, but I will say that it's mostly to do challenges instead of abusive 3+ stack compositions where they pocket one person. With that said, this is a rage thread, and I need to vent.


    This was an 11 minute game. Io didn't heal a lick and Barik was intentionally afk/feeding. There was nothing we could do. I wish that Io players going Sacrifice for the challenge know that Io can still heal with that talent. Or that they can complete that challenge in training. It's so frustrating to get Io players who don't heal at all, due to them thinking that Sacrifice is the dps and flank Io talent. You can still heal for 1,000 per second! And nice afk as the only tank we have Barik. Great game.


    Also, it was a 13 minute game with great heals and we did win. But community... Can we please stop running those composition? Those pocket and toxic compositions. Let's stop this shit in 2021 please. No one likes going against them. They're only fun for the 3+ stack that runs this shit.

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    @HeartQueen Just played a casual match as Imani. I'm using Pyre Ball and it decides to stop dealing damage until I died. Had a bot support also. Same old here. Barik bot and IO bot in your second match - same old for you too.

  • I haven't been able to play Paladins Champions of the Realm since June 20th... This is bad.

  • @Vaporized The thing is, they are intentionally bots. It's not like they're crashing, they're just bad. That Io who didn't heal was just bad who didn't heal me. Barik intentionally left. That's what is frustrating.

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    IDK what the tib was doing... Ruckus completed the no item challenge.. People want to drag out matches or what?



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    I really, really hate playing support (especially Corvus) with people who don't understand how to group... You always end up paying the price for their inability to play around you, and end up dying way more than you should to flanks. Especially when they don't pay attention to VBE at all. 😒

    Also last I checked Kinessa should not be able to one-shot a full health Viktor with Eagle Eye. Should leave the Vik with 100 health w/o Haven. But even after buying rank 1 Haven, it still one-shot (even though that should only do 1953 damage, which should leave the Vik with 247 health left).

  • @Vaporized said in August Rage Thread:

    Just played a casual match as Imani.

    Imani is a playable champion of the Realm.

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    @TTraw I don't have problems with Imani that often but when one occurs it's really messed up and sometimes costs me the match.

  • @Vaporized Trust me, I know the feeling.

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    Imagine getting whined and b****ed at for banning the RIGHT character, that everyone with a brain bans in ranked... 🤣

    Seriously, Corvus and Jenos are always banned in most comp games I've played with Dia+ players. ALWAYS. And it shouldn't be hard to see why that is. If that somehow makes me an idiot, then its also opposite day and my username is NerdyLuigi (which it's not of course).

    D@mn toxic idiots make drafting way harder than it needs to be.

    Also have to love how every youtube commentor thinks Evie is somehow broken when she's legitimately one of the worst flanks in the game right now. Only people that can make her work are either really, really good or main her. And somebody's even trying to argue she is a high damage flank... Wow, they must have forgot to put in their brain this morning, and just reverted to how stuff was 2 f***ing years ago or something when Evie was actually as good as they say she is, and even then her damage output was still a weak point. Also Evie being somehow in some demented way better than Maeve at literally everything is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.

    Imagine giving away Nessa on frog, first picking SERIS, and then saying your team is trash because you did nothing to help them. Also letting both pockets through is a f***ing MISTAKE. Also f*** smurfs, especially when there's more than 1 on a team.

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    @Dusklicious Speaking of toxic... Just finished a game and the enemy started the toxic chat fest after they lost. Our front was a bit toxic to our flank which did far better job than the enemy flank. First time I've seen it like this in a while.

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    I love this game but, seriously, how do they manage to mess up every single patch, introducing new bugs in features that weren't even meant to be changed in the update ?

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    @SomeGuySomeWhere You don't like the flashing frames? Seriously, how they f'd this up when it was fine last patch is beyond me.

  • @Vaporized said in August Rage Thread:

    @SomeGuySomeWhere You don't like the flashing frames?

    No, I love them ! XD

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    Why do I have to play twice with the same toxic premade that afk in round 2 if things go wrong. Also one of them apparently was focused the entire game by the whole enemy team when I'm zoning 3 of them as atlas with help of my support. He said that I should go for strix, I go so I can stop hearing him crying but then the team gets wiped before I manage to find him and says wtf are you doing atlas. How do I manage to get these low quality matches if the last 30 days I probably played like 10 matches. The best part is that they go afk to preserve their "kda".

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    Is it just me or is it the worse a flank is, the better they think they are? I just had the worst Zhin ever blaming everyone else for the fact they had no idea how to flank a f***ing nessa that was free... F*** I'm a better flank, and it's my worst role... 😡

    This split's ranked is 100% the worst it's ever been... At least 50% of my losses are due to incompetent teammates.... Bad bans, dredge instalocks, inting and blaming the rest of their team, teammates who go out of their way to make it IMPOSSIBLE to work with them... Too much f***ing throwing... 😠

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