August Rage Thread

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    My Barik winrate this season is much sadder than it deserves to be. That 55 should be a 57 at least.
    Sad winrate.jpg

    @KicsitCsicska To be fair Seris has a really high amount of survivability for a support.

    The Lex and the Furia this game were unbearably bad. The former was also toxic and the latter also left mid-way through because they clearly couldn't handle the f***ing fact that because they did so little for the team, we were losing the game... Seriously, I get players like this ALL THE F***ING TIME and nothing happens to them when I report them... $#!+ like this is why I don't see how they could do such a poor job of filtering out these kinds of f***ing $#!+heads... The Lex is far worse IMHO though because A) their username was terrible enough to report them on by itself and B) HE BOUGHT ONLY CAUT 1 AND COMPLAINED ABOUT HEALING. INSTEAD THIS IDIOT BOUGHT CHRONOS ON LEX... Seriously though I hope the Lex gets banned. Ought to be missing more than 1 thing now...

    Seris Pain and Sufffering.jpg

    Seris Pain and Suffering.jpg

    Lex and Furia reported btw.jpg

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    Fix the friggin Imani weapon lockout bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Stop giving me throwing teammates and making me pay the price for their idiocy. Please MM. My winrates have suffered enough. EDIT: And the MM Gods answer and give me stomp wins. OK.

    "Talus melts Ruckus" - Toxic Lian rushing Illuminate into two healers, neither of which were Seris.

    Actually in my experience, no he really doesn't. Definitely not when the Ruckus is being healed...

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    @Dusklicious I played 23 matches yesterday. ELO is now ~1670 - a net increase.

    Some trash like this:


    I beat your feeder cassie 🙂 I capped once. In my defense Evie went afk (claimed wifi problems) so I went flanking. I get a solo quadra while defending the enemy push and we still couldn't keep them from regrouping and finishing the push.

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    So much for my ELO... massive lose streak.

    What's with this? I was in the circle. Seen this so many times.


    Look at this thrower - see comments.


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    You know I don't think the world would miss anyone toxic enough to think that all healers have crossmap heals on no cooldown. I honestly think people this f***ing moronic ought to just collectively jump off a cliff for the sake of not only this game but the entire human race with their IQ less than their young-@$$ age, bet you most of them are probably f***ing 12.

    If Evil Mojo took this issue as seriously as they should, I wouldn't have to deal with people that make playing this game beyond painful sometimes.

  • @Dusklicious said in August Rage Thread:

    If you instalock a DPS last pick when your team doesn't have a support, you should stop playing ranked... Had a Moji in my last draft doing that after I'd picked Term second tank (definitely necessary ofc especially when your first tank is a f***ing mastery 0 Khan that only speaks Japanese, ON THE NA SERVER)...

    And I'm the one who gets punished for other people throwing matches...?

    "OMG Dusklicious! You're TAHXIC! People should be able to throw as many ranked games as possible!!1!!1" - Most Redditors that are hardstuck in Silver and Gold.

    @KicsitCsicska said in August Rage Thread:

    When you play against viktor:
    When you play with Viktor:


    Story of my life. And no, Viktor wasn't a bot. He was just bad. He kept getting dove by Evie and would position extremely far from the team. He would also wide peek and get shredded by Viktor and Tyra. Meanwhile, I had to keep Evie off his back, Tyra was trying, and failing, to solo ult me with a Torvald and Grover pocket, plus I had to focus on killing Viktor who kept wrecking my team. Twas a loss with me, Tyra, and Seris doing all we can to carry sandbags.

    @Vaporized said in August Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious I didn't notice your name until the match has over 🙂 You don't have to tell me how it is - stuff happens. Bot Damba heals a lot don't you think? One of the worst bots - they need to do better.

    Bot Dambas don't do anything but feed. When I would grind challenges in training tdm, when I would lose and not be able to carry, it would be because of a bot Pip or Mal'Damba who fed 1-12 to 0-10.

  • @HeartQueen Wow, the perfect confirmation 😮

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    When you carry and lose only because your team doesn't pay attention to flanking.

    Kinessa Carry loss.jpg

    I was 20 elims and 2 deaths at one point until they just completely ignored the Moji and the Andro in the back... 😒

    And then I get a Vik who does no damage and says the OT should have been on point. Yeah ok, idiot. Let the sniper do whatever they want. On Frog. Brain cells are required to play this game, and so many people seem to lack them. I was constantly pressuring the sniper and they STILL did more damage... Against a Shield Nando and a Ying over an Inara. Inara is LEGIT free damage for Vik (the only way she can KIND of prevent you from doing damage is by walling herself off), come the f*** on.

    Picking Torv in ranked is throwing outside of HIGHLY coordinated teams. Period.

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    So apparently now cassie ult is the weakest ult in the game.

    Buying eyes that didnt read that shit.

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    @ShogunPukin said in August Rage Thread:

    So apparently now cassie ult is the weakest ult in the game.

    Buying eyes that didnt read that shit.

    Cassie's ult's for the most part always been bad. It's like the only bad part of an otherwise high tier kit.

  • I can't play the game rn. Everytime I get into a match and the character select lobby ends, after the loading screen I go back to that lobby, unable to click anything. Need to leave the game to do anything. Then I can't go back until the match finishes. Happened to me each time I tried to play this game today.

    Hopeful it's just something that will fix itself tommorow...

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    Every match with a sniper is basically 4 v 5.
    Change my mind.

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    Getting throwers in ranked is FUN. Especially when they blame you for how they're inting.

  • Cant play ranked with friends if im unranked. Cant play ranked with friends if im diamond or above. Its so bad. fix the mm, instead of restrict your players, dont let us play together.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in August Rage Thread:

    Cant play ranked with friends if im unranked. Cant play ranked with friends if im diamond or above. Its so bad. fix the mm, instead of restrict your players, dont let us play together.

    Actually the latter makes perfect sense if you've ever faced a Diamond/Masters/GM 5 stack before. It's hell.

  • @ShogunPukin I always thought Buck ult is the worst. 🙂

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    "Going in 1 by 1 is a great idea" - Nobody with an IQ above 40

    Also if anybody rages at me for playing my main the right way in-game instead of wasting ults, they are reported.

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    If you walk into a Jenos ult that's on you, regardless of any other circumstance. You can do this thing called REPOSITION.

    Oh and it's really bad when you somehow have the gall to blame other people for it.

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    @Dusklicious That friggin ult extends out further than the visible field.

    Run out of the light and still perish!!!

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