Regarding the unobtainable Steam achievement

  • As a Steam user, I like to show commitment towards the games I like by completing all achievements
    It feels rewarding to players and I most often will get out of my way and overcome difficult challenges to get them

    The achievement "Beta Player", is to this day, unobtainable and knowing you can't ever grasp the very satisfying "100%" makes all other achievements not as enjoyable as you'll tell yourself "If I have to miss one, why not miss two? It's not like I can get all of them anyway, might aswell put the energy on another game" And that just ain't fun for completionists like me.

    I reached level 30 of course, but not at the right time and I almost feel punished for it.
    Now, I'm all for rewarding players who were there to help the game develop, but it could be through other meanings: skins, titles, borders, mounts... Anything really, that feels like a rewards, rather than the right to not be punished.

    Basically I think that it'd be better to remove this achievement and give its owners, other rewards, but that's only my input.
    (But since this probably much effort and is such an insignificant change to the eyes of most, this will probably be discarded)
    Thank you your time and sorry if this comes up as ungrateful.

  • That used to be a nice and popular thing untill SAM (Steam Archivement Manager) came and killed the interest on archivements by making people to attempt to farm steam chrome cards to exchange them for currency in other games like CS and TF2

  • I had no idea that there was a program to cheat your achievements in, tho I guess it makes sense one saw light of day eventually, but that'd make achievements hardly rewarding

    Tho I don't see the link between Steam achievements and Steam cards?

    EDIT: This game seems to not like completionnists anyway, "The last one standing" seems rather impossible
    I would have been willing to give "The Insane" and even "Pinnacle" a try but, heh, you can see they didn't rethink the achievements in a long while, I don't even know how people are supposed to get "Beta Player" and "Citizen of the Realm"

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