How come I keep ranking down?

  • So basically when I played in season 2 split I mained Ying and was placed in mid plat in ranked. I did ranked again at the start of season 3 with mostly Inara and got silver. Now I just did ranked again this time maining Io, doing at least 70k-100k healing per match, 10-15 eliminations and less then 10 deaths each game. Yet I got BRONZE I. So I wanna know why exactly do I keep going down but my skill itself keeps going up?

  • do you play ranked and climb back to your original rank each time? or do you just let it sit there at a low rank?

  • Well I climbed up to plat 5, in the first season but I think I only played like one other game after I got ranked during season 3 1.

  • Honestly the game places me low, but i get like 30-40 tp per win till i get back to my normal diamond rank.
    its annoying but just play your strongest 3 damage/flank to climb back out because you cant trust low elo dps. It works for me and i just grind my burst girls cassie/lian for ez plat 1-2 then ease into my support niche that i can get to diamond in.

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