Confusion about cross-progression.

  • I just started playing on Switch and also wanted to play on PC. I linked my account for Switch and my Steam account, but when I log into the steam version I'm not sure if it is transferring my progression. On the Steam version I haven't left the screen that asks for a user name and if I try to use my Switch name it says it's taken.

  • Hey! In game names and "gamertags" are not actually something that transfers between platforms with cross-progression, they are unique to the platform you're playing on. What does transfer is all your progression and content.

    So, for example, on PC my in game name is "EvilMojoMolly" and on Switch my name is "MollyBot." Because my accounts are linked, all my Crystals, Gold, Champ levels, and owned content like skins & Champions will be the same on both accounts, the only thing that is different is the name.

    Something to note: Just because of how the platform works, Switch names are not unique, which means that multiple accounts can have the name "Mollybot." On PC, however, names are unique. So there can only be one "EvilMojoMolly" and you'll receive an error message if you tried to name yourself something that is already taken.

    I know that's a lot of info, so let me know if anything I said doesn't make sense.

  • @Molly Everything you posted makes sense. Thank you very much.

  • @Molly Dose this also count with other games like Realm Royale too?

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