My HARDEST champion to imagine. Serene "The Commander"

  • Well, this champion, I don't really know what to think about it, we can think that he is OP but when we see his HP it's balanced and I've already put the nerfs. I tried to make it unique but it's difficult because I don't know what to think about it.

    Serene "The Commander" -Tank-3550HP
    Serene from birth wanted to become ruler of the country, she believed that the king was only incompetent, not being able to save the inhabitants from the disaster that had happened. She devoted herself body and soul to the education of justice.
    When she was 19, Serene finished her education and took action, took a coup and took to the streets. Unexpectedly, it caught the attention of all the inhabitants of the great city of PearlPort and attracted many to do many organizations. She organized many groups in order to defeat monsters and enemies, to supply the Kingdom and to lend a hand to those in danger and bad situation. She went to many villages and made many demonstrations as well, she lent a hand to the modest villages which prospered afterwards. Serene was on the voice of victory.
    However, something intervenes in her career, something that will change her fate. She realized the cruelty and crimes committed by the use of crystals. She saw all these people die terrified and all these catastrophes. On these events, she decided to join the Magistrate in order to limit the use of crystals and make it protected.
    For 2 years, she ascertained to swelteringly work with a lot of specialists to create her ultimate weapon and prepare her plans to be able to complete her role. She worked tirelessly to devise a plan to defeat the king and be able to restore order he could not control. Serene is now Commander of the Magistrate's Troops and Alchemists alongside Karnes and his son. Is she on the path that will lead the world to protection or destruction?
    Serene will have long black hair and red eyes. She will have a black and white ruler and nobleman's uniform, dark black pants and stiletto heels, a gold shoulder pad and an obsidian crown with the bottom plinth in gold, blue crystals encrusted on the shapes that are kinds of peaks and angels. She will have the Magistrate's badge made of crystal and gold on her heart and magical artifacts on her belt. She will have around her a shell of transparent blue hexagons and galaxies which fly around her in holograms, which come out of diamonds on her weapon (the hexagons will be in invisibility and will reappear) Her weapon will be a metal bracelet with blue crystals and luminescent beads. She will have a white cape with gold outlines. download (3).jpg

    Primary Fire, Royal Bracelet: Serene makes all the crystals on her bracelet glow by pointing to send a wave of magical fake blue hollograms of soldiers running where she points. (Soldiers will fly if firing in the air) The Wave of Soldiers inflicts 20 bursts of 25 damage per second (500 damage per second) to enemies within 5 units. (Projectile Speed: 350) 5 ammo

    PS: These shots recharge 5% of a passive bar
    Passive: Your bar recharges at 4% per second (25s for 100%), at 100% of this bar you can do a double jump that propels you forward 60 units.

    Q, Beehive Shield: Serene creates a crown image on her blue head with a galaxy veil to materialize her honeycomb shell. This shell covers 70% of your body and will have the shape of the continents of the earth. This hull has 3000HP and lasts 4s and you can use your skill spells while animating. 12.5s WaterDomeSnap.PNG
    F, Proclaiming Lion: Serene creates a magical lion hollogram made of human bodies that will raise their arms as if to celebrate / cheer on a statue of Serene. The lion will be a bot that will go in the opposite direction of Serene and naturally attack enemies with a fire spit of 400 damage / s (with 65% perfect tracking, direct damage). The Lion will have 4000HP will have no duration limit (receive 40% of allies' healing) 20s after the Lion's death
    Secondary Fire, Royal Tribunal: Serene causes a bed of runes and royal symbols to appear in an area of ​​50 units, she will stand on a podium. This area lasts 3s and deals 250 damage / s and increases its movement speed by 40% and grants it a cauterize by 30%. If an ally dies in the area Serene propels all enemies out of the area (propulsion: 60 units away) 15s

    E, Objective: Earth Goddess: Serene makes wings with her alveoli and a galaxic aura in order to regain all her HP and give 50% of the HP to her allies every second for 2s and prevent them from dying in an area of ​​60 units . If more than 3 allies have more than 50% of their health, Serene inflicts a concentrated shot of 750 damage that pierces enemies and passes through a single wall that can be combined with one of her attacks.

    Lvl. 1, Legend: Royal Tribunal no longer deals damage, lasts twice more, and recharges 3s faster.
    Lvl. 2, Hive: If you are using Honeycomb Shield, the ally with the lowest health will have a 1000HP Honeycomb Shield that lasts 4s and the closest to you will have a 500HP Shield (Zone: 70 units). (This effect can occur every 12s after using Alveolus Shield)
    Lvl. 8, Loyal Creature: Proclaiming Lion will attack enemies with AoE fire spit (Radius: 3.5 units) and it will deal 200 more damage but only lasts 10s

    What do you think?
    I really wanted to do that as fast as I could because It was so hard putting effort on a such hard champion to imagine

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  • PS: You're free to as well give me some champion ideas so I can gain in creativity