REWORK of my BEST champion idea: Phobos "Celestial Threat"

  • I noticed something went wrong and I'm going to rework my Champion idea.
    PS: These are just google images, I'm too lazy to draw these characters that almost excellently look like my champion (even thought I do have the skill to draw these)

    Phobos, "The Celestial Threat", damage champion, 2100PV

    Lore: "Phobos is a creature born in the tallest and darkest mountain in the country desperately trying to achieve its over demanding goal, rule the Earth as a sweltering dark unfazed demon. He expects to be able to win the war against the 5 enemies by sowing chaos on Earth from space. Phobos feeds on stars and the dark galaxy to invoke darkness on the kingdom as well as feeding of people's unconscious fears and pains. His arrival will disrupt the war as well as many enemies joining the war little by little " by the little information from the Magistrate
    Design: I wanted Phobos to look like a living shadow with black and red gloomy smoke everywhere on his hitbox, he wears a armor covered of metal stands and obsidian protections, red/purple/black crystals encrusted in the armors's forms and drawings (like Lian's Dark Monarch skin) the colors are black, red and carmine (red kind a little pink), it will have wings in a galaxy to show that it comes from the space of darkness and its wings will have red crystals to signify power. He will have horns and a red halo (like Raum).
    Primary Fire: Piece of Asteroid:
    Phobos has in his hand a catalyst sphere which shows the galaxies and takes pieces of asteroid from which he pours his dark magic to launch it towards the enemy and inflict crystal breakout: 25 damage every 0.0375s seconds=1 ammo. (750 damage/s)(Projectile speed: 325 Radius: 4 units) 6 ammo

    Q: Darkened supernova bomb:
    Phobos launches a small piece of supernova from its sphere in the direction where it looks which is a big mass of energy of color red and black which deals a total of 25% of the foes' health for 1s. (Radius: 30) And give 50% of the stolen HP to the allies with the lowest health (Only triggers below 50 units radius of distance otherwise it heals YOU). 12s

    F: Orbit:
    1st mode, Select with Mouse wheel: Phobos launches a big orbit of dark planets (radius: 15 units Travel Speed: 250) that pulls back the ennemies back to 40 units. 8s
    2nd mode, select with mouse wheel: Phobos Goes underground to materialise a mini black hole of red dark energy of a diameter of 50 units. During this form of 4s, your speed will be increased of 65% and you reduce your damage taken of 15% for the first 2s. You can't jump. 13s cooldown
    maxresdefault (6).jpg

    Secondary Fire: Penumbra: Phobos levitates in the air for 0,5s (like Corvus) to launch an eclipse made of his hands that he throws at the ennemy (Projectile Speed: 150) Size: 35 units). If it touches a surface, the surface will be covered of a reddish corrupted moldy substance that sizes itself with the area blocking the access of a gate or an opening area. The substance can only cover 65 units of width and 65 units of height and has 3500HP for a unlimited duration (better break it then).
    (deals 500 damage/s if the ennemy tries to touch it). 15s cooldown for the subtance
    But if its touches an ennemy, it will explode in a 50 units area that deals 400 damage/s for 2s to everything. 12,5s cooldown

    E: World of darkness:
    Phobos Changes the whole map, all the textures will be bloody moldy chalky stone,dark black particles and pieces of red and black galaxies which are the steps, the sky will be a black and red galaxy with music of games horror and very very low brightness for 30 seconds. During this phase, the allies will have 25% more speed, a rejuvenate of 15% accumulable, 10% more damage as well as their sound lowered. However, if Phobos dies during this phase, everything will return to normal. Motivation has no effect on the ultimate which is truly OP and undoubtly cancer.

    Lvl. 1, Concentrated Hypernova: Darkened Supernova Bomb now inflicts 600 damage and can be conbined with your shots but no longer explodes and no longer heals. (burst legendary)
    Lvl. 2, Nebula: Orbit makes you able to jump but no longer reduces damage and the speed boost is decreased of 15%. Recharges 2s faster.
    Lvl. 8, The divinity: Phobos has a 45% wrecker and a 50% bulldozer

    I won't put the cards because it's way too hard for me, it takes an ENORMOUS amount of time and the spell kit is very complicated already. Have a nice day btw

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  • Here's my fanmade champion's lore. I'd like to recieve more likes and I'd like people to notice my work more because I feel like all of this hour of work doesn't get what it deserves. I usually feel like I should improve but it doesn't do anything. I feel like less people care about the effort and the improvment I've made. Basically I'm just shipping for the fame and trying so hard to improve that I don't keep the fun to post anymore...

    Enough talking, hope more people will come see this. Get ready for one of my most interresting lores ever:

    "We all know Phobos, a young man with a broken soul. From our entrance into space, Phobos threatened the entire universe. Everyone had rebelled against him but, who knows what he has behind the head I knew Phobos and I will bear witness to what he went through to transform.
    Phobos was once called Daegal, he was my childhood best friend. Until a group of mercenaries attacked us on the way to our house and captured Daegal. I lived in the Village of Oleine, a village located in the north next to the hot regions and the icy mountains. In my childhood, almost everyone in the village mastered the art of crystals, I chose to be a clairvoyant because I had to know the secrets that the world was hiding. Daegal meanwhile, was always alone every day, walking the streets and ... looking for work and a place to take shelter.
    At the time, I knew he was in a wanderer but was trying to survive. I welcomed him to my home and indirectly became a friend. At first he didn't speak too much and he didn't have any emotion on his face but over time we had a great time and a lot of memories during our 16 years. One night I received a package with information about Daegal. In shock, I realize I made a mistake keeping it.
    Daegal was the subject of a magistrate experiment, an experiment that involved torturing to introduce powers made of liquid crystalline liquid into the bodies of humans who were not born with powers. The powers are things that only the gods decide the possessors, they are manifested and are multiplied tenfold thanks to the presence of crystals. His body should be agonizing all the time and he wasn't saying anything at all. Until that day when he was kidnapped.
    Daegal resumed the experiments and became a slave, abused by all the villagers who observed him. I was her friend, I had to do something. I left for the capital where he was captured. And we both fled to the Black Mountain. Legends say that this black mountain remains forbidden, keeping the secrets of the dragons. An almost extinct species, now this mountain remains the tallest in the Kingdom and the darkest. We climbed the mountain to get a life together to see where we could take refuge.
    At the time, scars and wounds appeared on Daegal's body. The experiences gnawed at him from the inside. I was completely helpless and Daegal will die in front of my eyes. In despair, I had to sacrifice something, so… I broke my talisman. A talisman of the Orchid Goddess, allowing to revive the dead but confer a curse that changes the appearance of the body. As long as Daegal survives this was good, but I made the biggest mistake I could.
    The cloudy sky opened to give way to a black and red energy crossing the entire continent to take Daegal's body, Phobos was manifested in Daegal's body, and it was all my fault ...
    2 years after the rebirth of Phobos, I left in an organization of celestial mages and seers, I had to deepen my powers and meet two people. My education was not long, rather quick. I deepened my magic to the maximum of my ability for 4 months and I went to the capital to meet these two people. I entered the Paladins' lair and asked to meet with Master Jenos and Mistress Io.
    I asked them to clear my way in order to appease the soul of Phobos. they then gave me the necessary energy to be able to counter it. I went to Nether Mountain with the artifact they gave me. An artifact from the dark galaxy. And Phobos was here, he was oddly not terrifying and I recognized Daegal. I took him in my arms and went with him into space. I made this sacrifice in order to give a chance to help this world and ... to join the one I fell in love with "
    -Saphira Reutilee

  • In my lore, there's a lot of contraversy about this "Orchid Goddess" which can be a deviant from the Goddess that transformed Androxus. I could probably make a fanlore about her so we can clear up and enrich Paladins' current episode

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