Challenge Bug(I think)

  • Switch

    The new challenges contain a challenge to Heal for 150k in a single match.
    I have done over 150k healing in a single match many times.
    Does the challenge require you to do exactly 150k healing or is this just a bug?

  • I managed to successfully do this task (I play on PC)
    It requires you to heal at least 150k but I saw in some places that self-heal, Luna heal (for Io) and other things (while being included in your endgame stats) do not count towards that amount

    Tho if you were way over 150k, you might have encountered a bug (especially considering you had it done multiple times, by your sayings)
    I'll let everyone feel free to correct me tho

  • Moderator

    Did you play with Raum in your team in this match?

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