I want to talk about Strix

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    @OriginalEquinox A Bolt Action mechanic would be a damn fine addition to the game on Strix, and make it so they actually have to think about who they're aiming at and if it will hit them, instead of knowing they can fire immediately after and just continuously spam.

    -Edit: By that mechanic, I do mean he physically loads into the chamber too.

  • @CMS A "bolt-action" sniper rifle needs to be built into the firing rate animation and NOT be a 1 ammo weapon, otherwise Deft Hands will give him his old firing rate back.

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    @OrangeGirl That's what Deft Hands is for. If you wanted that, you'd have to sacrifice better items such as Cauterize or Wrecker!

  • @OrangeGirl it would function like Sha's bow where there's a fixed fire rate (unless they decide to add a LC for it later on), and deft hands would only work with his secondary

  • @TangAce said in I want to talk about Strix:

    that way it removes the noscope headshot which is braindead, removes his burst at close range as well, and he can finally be a sniper or use pistol in close combat

    Question is indeed if it makes sense he can fight with his gun on close range if he has a pistol for that. It could be made in that way that he automatically swaps to pistol when he is not in scope. With "Q" he could fire the flare then.

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    strix RMB can steady to get a easy access on quickscope this need to be fix also 1200dmg its 2x stronger than kinessa and sha line which takes time for them to get a max dmg

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    wow, I normally hate people who talk about nerfing my main man... But this was so well written, you have me on your side lol... but, like skye, strix is hard countered by one item... haven. and there's also the fact that he has a high skill floor, I think nerfing the damage isn't the answer, I like what cms was saying... my solution would be to increase the time in between shots... Just like they did with lian's presence build, they didn't nerf the damage, they just nerfed how often you could pull off the combo, it didn't make her an awful hero, but it did do a great job of making lian easier to deal with... So maybe do something similar to what they did to lian to strix? Don't nerf the damage of the shots, but increase the time between shots? idk just a though 🤷

    EDIT: keep strix's quickscope, it is the only thing that seperates him from every other boring old champ, otherwise, he'd be a crappy nessa

  • Just want to reply all the kinessa lovers:)
    Actually, I dont think you need to compare kinessa's damage. Does strix have a good ult compared to kinessa?? What about the Mobility. Rather find ways to improve kinessa to counter strix. May be they can nerf the scope timing. People tend to spam faster with that card. Damage should not be nerfed. See the plus points kinessa has and then compare. Play against a pro kinessa just lika a strix, you will be busted although. They have their playmaking beneficial for specific situations. So nerfing strix strix damage not a point but ya the scope timing and other stuff could be. May be nerf pistol damage.

  • ...quickly posts something before one of the mods shows up. O_O

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    Please don't necro.


    @M3RC3N4RI0 said in I want to talk about Strix:

    ...quickly posts something before one of the mods shows up. O_O

    From now, I will be watching you 🕵

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