Console Input

  • I really enjoy this game in terms of the game itself. But the input on console is terrible for me.
    It feels very laggy.

    I have played with the settings for hours and tested many different setting combinations over a decent period of time.

    The devs should look at and take some inspiration from games like cod Modernwarfare and battlefield for the console input

    I don't know exactly how those games get their input to feel like they do but I guess some things the devs could do would first be to add an option to turn off all forms of aim acceleration and aim smoothing.

    Then improve the dead zones and the power curve.

    I play with kontrolfreaks so I can control the stick really well and its impossible to make a wide variety of inputs. It feels like I am playing with one sensitivity rather then being able to precisely control how much I want to move the cross hair and how fast.

    The input also feels very sluggish and laggy. I think it may have something to do with the aim smoothing and aim acceleration but I don't exactly why. I think the input definitely needs to be extremely responsive and with the right settings I feel it should be responsive to every little movement your thumb makes so that competitive players can track well.

    I really think if they try to make the input better they have the nail the feel of the cross hair moving and stopping instantly and being able to precisely snap to a multitude of different ranges.

    I am making this post because I genuinely like the game I personally think its the only fps game worthwhile to play on ps4 but I can't fully access the game due to the input.

    And generally its a lot less fun to play when you cant fluently move and snap/track targets.

    So I hope the devs will look into this so that I can really start getting into this game. ❤

  • @SolarSage, are you using wifi?

    I play on a hardwired PlayStation 4 and I don't have that problem.

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