REPOST, my most BEAUTIFUL ChampionIdea-Steria "The Sacred Beast"

  • I have an idea of ​​champion: This one will be a special case because it is an animal
    PS: If there is a skill that does not suit you, whether it is too OP or not enough it is not my problem. I decide this champion and I do it my way.
    Steria "The sacred beast" Buffer-2100HP
    Lore: Steria has always been a mystery in the world. She lives in the coldest lands of the Kingdom and controls the climatic and auroral balance of these lands. From the informations from historians, it is said that this creature was born from crystals formed of ice and this form of wolf is attributed to the fur of wolves already dead. So that the body took shape, it is said that a goddess accompanied by a fox gave life in order to protect the balance. Steria came to life
    She becales half of the northern lights and grants the purest wishes, but is responsible for controlling dreams and comforting hearts. When Io came down to Earth, Steria decided to join the Paladins to help her creator, she knew she had to protect the Ice Kingdom but the protection of the World was much more important.
    Design: Steria will be a white wolf that will be the size of a frame. She will have very clear blue eyes that will shine and a snowflake symbol on her bust. Its tail will have a second blue color which will be made of crystals and it will have on its head a halo of flake, aurora borealis and ice.
    Primary Fire, Glacial Howl: Steria barks to send an icy mist that deals 35 damage every 0.05s. 80 units, (Area damage) If you use this weapon on an ally, you will heal it for 50% damage. (reload lasts 2s) 250 ammo.

    Q, Polaris: Steria barks and within a 75 unit radius, enemies will be slowed by 45% for 3s and allies in the area will grant a 25% speed boost for 4s. Has 15% chance to decrease defense of the ennemy by 20%. 13.5s cooldown


    F, Night Vow: Steria selects one of her allies to teleport to him and send a veil of aurora borealis which heals him for 750HP and prevents him from taking control for 1.5s. (distance of 135 MAX units) 12s recharge

    Secondary Fire, Glacial Revitalization: Steria launches a white orb where it aims, in contact with a wall / ground or if you press the key, it explodes in a firework of white and blue flakes which heals the allies in the 3000HP area in 6s and increases their damage by 20% for 2.5s. Radius: 30 units, 10.5s cooldown (for a spell also op, it's not long)

    E, Snow: Steria selects an area (Radius: 160 units) to reveal the northern lights under a galactic sky and falling snow. During this 8s phase, allies will have their cooldown reduced by 30% and their deck cards increased by one point (so we can have a level 6 card) which lasts even after the ulti (until the l ally dies, it can be accumulated up to 5 points so 5 ults XD MOUAHAHAHA) motivation limit up to 20%
    Lvl. 1, Beginning of Winter: Ice Revitalization recharges 4s faster but no longer increases damage and heals only 2 allies.
    Lvl. 2, Deadly Mist: Ice Howl deals 30% more damage (with healing)
    Lvl. 8, Cryogenization: Night Vow is now a 4s race (speed boost of 75%) which leaves a trail of snow which heals from 950HP in 2s the allies crossing it. If more than 3 allies cross it, the cooldown of Glacial Revitalization decreases by 2s after the skill.
    Interesting cards:
    -Polaris recharges 0.5s / 0.5s faster -Polaris heals you by 75HP / 75HP per enemy hit -Polaris reduces the cooldown of Glacial Revitalization by 1.5s per enemy hit every 30s -> 5s

    • Night Vow reduces the damage you take by 7% / 7% 2s after - The Night Vow distance increases by 10% / 10% - The cooldown of Night Vow is reset if you go below 15% HP / 15% health (20s)
    • Glacial Revitalization recharges 0.5s / 0.5s faster - The Glacial Revitalization radius increases by 10% / 10% - Glacial Revitalization heals you by 60HP / 60PHP in 2s per enemy treated (not cumulative)
      -You have 50HP / 50HP more -Each elimination eliminates the recharging times in progress by 10% / 10%

    GOOD .... What do you think of this work that lasted me 4 DAYS MY GOD

  • I'm also willing to do a rework of all of my champion ideas. Continue boosting up my views and give feedbacks ^^