Improving the Battlepass

  • Currently, the Battlepass feels a bit too grindy. I'm not the biggest fan of the battlepass concept and pumping them out so quickly (2 months) is even worse. There are ways to improve this experience however, perhaps incentivizing me to purchase them again.

    First, straight up reduce the total XP requirement by 20 percent. Doing so would reduce the grindiest aspect of the Battlepass.

    Second, make the Challenges feel more rewarding. As currently constructed, it's hard to notice the effect of completing the challenges as the XP reward feels negligible. My suggestion would be this. Have the Challenges come in a set. So basically there's 2 set of challenge, the first one being unlocked when you reach lvl 1 and the second set unlocked when you reach lvl 51. This way whenever you play you are actively doing the challenge all at once instead of waiting for one after another which adds to the grind. This would make the challenges feel more fluid. You could also increase the XP rewarded where the first set are all 1 million points while the second set is progressive, from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to five. This change which make challenges feel more impactful.

    Third, make Competitive double XP because the time spent drafting is not counted toward the calculation of XP. This would also further differentiate Casual from Comp.

    This is not related but raise the Comp requirement again. Why did you lowered it in the first place. Make the requirement be must have 5 lvl 12 champ on all four role and must be player level 75 to queue cause right now there's some low level player sneaking in which isn't fun for anybody.

    That's it, hopefully Evil Mojo sees this and improves on it.

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