Champion Concept: Mythril, the Mythical Might

  • Lore:
    Legends and myths were thought to be just in stories. There is some truth, however, to every fair tale and myth to ever exist. Ancient studies of multiple maps and stories gathered by the civilians under the Magistrate government has revealed the location of one creature: the Naga named Mythril, known as one of the Keeper's of Ancient Power. Much debate went on before the Outer Tribunal allowed the opening of Mythril's tomb, and prepared for the worse.

    Awaken, he slaughtered the travel team for disturbing his promise given to the gods. He found the humans responsible and forced one of the scouts to note the reasoning, resulting in his strangulation. He picked up Scimitar, the weapon mobilized for his kind, and set out to avenge the gods' fury for the disruption of his destiny.

    Name: Mythril
    Role: Front Line
    Species: Naga
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Neutral
    Title: The Mythical Might

    HP: 4000

    LMB | Scimitar Boomerang: Throw your scimitar forward & backward, dealing 450 damage each hit. Up to a 60 unit range, fall off damage down to 250 at max range relative to your position. Hitting a target instantly causes it to fling back toward you, which the back hit penetrates. Throws once a second.

    RMB | Trophy'd Sinew: Spin with your tail, and do a large 30 units circular attack that does 500 damage. Rotates once. CD: 9s

    F | Viper Sting: Dash forward, stunning enemies for 2s if hit for 300 damage. CD: 12s

    Q | Cursed Blade: Throw your scimitar to shatter into fragments that explode outward, dealing 200 damage and penetrate up to 100 units. Functions like a Damba ult trigger, and automatically explodes after 2s or hits a wall and/or object and/or person. Reforms instantly in your hand afterwards. CD: 13s

    E | Naga's Constrict: Wrap a victim around your tail within a 30 units radius. Strangle them for 33% hp/s. Victim can't escape unless the champion dies, the victim dies or the champion cancels or the champion is CC’d or dies.. Cancelling gives: 60, 30, 0 perfect refund for each second given from 1-3s.

    Voice Line (Enemies): “Submit to me…”
    Voice Line (Friendlies): “Witness defeat!”

    Pure Muscle - Enemies hit with Trophy'd Sinew will have Weakness applied to them for 4s.

    Blade of Woe - Your scimitar front hit now penetrates and applies a poison effect of 250hp over 3s every time front and back hit, contacts the same target.

    Awakened Devastation - Enemies who die by Naga’s Constrict will also have their ult charge decreased by 15% on spawn.

    This is my first champ in the "mythological" series of champion concepts, in which I post concepts based on the mythological creatures I've chosen that were disturbed for the war. Each of their stories will tie into each other and will bring a new idea to the role. A pure off-tank frontline like Naga here offers great damage and devastation but at the price of low protection. Those who are skilled enough should enjoy this champion a lot and understand his mechanics. As always, feedback is appreciated!

    what naga slook like.jpg

    (what I hope he would look like)

  • there are people who get paid for this. they ignore u. unfortunate.

  • I have a question. What's your LMB's fire rate. 450 damage every seconds?