Bring Back 3rd Person

  • Just do it guys. I'm sorry, but this features has been in the game for the majority of its life. Many people played and bought skins because of 3rd person view. If you're having development and bug issues because of it, well then, that's something you're gonna have to sort out.

    Btw, I personally prefer 1st person view. But a lot of my friends who loved this game, and loved to spend money on skins, dropped the game as soon as they removed 3rd person. And now I don't even want to play this game without my squad, so now I, a 1st person player who loved and supported this game has no desire to continue to support it.

    I know the mods don't like these kinds of topics, but really, I want this game to continue, be profitable and grow. I would love my squad to come back on, so I could have fun playing this game with the people I enjoy playing with. I know I'm just one guy, but this kind of stuff has to be affecting others.

    Bringing back 3rd person for quick play is just a a pro consumer decision. I hope you guys do the right thing.

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