Latino infestation at brazilian servers

  • Guys someone need to get these latino people out of the brazilian servers just like brazilian trolls need to get out of foreign servers. They come here and start throwing spanish around in a rude manner and calling out brazilian players for no reason at all.
    When I for some reason choose to play on a foreign server I keep my mouth shut and speak in English only if needed since I have no right to call americans out on their own server. So why hispanic people come into the brazilian server asserting their opinions and language?
    I don't see many brazilians asserting portuguese onto others servers but I see spanish in almost every match and I know it's rude like "noob asqueroso, callate mierda, polla, etc..."

  • Moderator

    If someone insults you etc., you can report them by clicking on the exclamation icon in the leaderboard after the match or in the support ticket.

    Support checks all such cases and ban players if necessary.

  • PC

    They're on NA also. This issue isn't limited to Latinos though. Sometimes, the game puts people across regions without the player's knowledge. The other day I was somehow put on the Brazil server when I Q'd for NA. Ask EM Potzer how this happened since he was on the enemy team.

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