Rework Pip to damage already (suggestions)

  • His healing potion is very unreliable, has very long cooldown and his reload card greatly depends on what i'd consider a luck factor because who in the right mind plays the game in a way that they're hugging eachother just so Pip can reset his potion properly? The team picks literally any other support instead. At this point even a Maelstorm Grohk has more reliable heals because he has 2 charges for his totem so he can drop one and start the cooldown, drop second one in a pinch and have 3rd close to be ready to deploy again. So what I suggest is:

    Rework Pip into fully fledged damager

    1. Change his healing potion to either a self-healing ability or some sort of a dangerous cc ability like say a silence potion that silences targets in a small area of effect with a long cooldown. It would actually make Pip itself really scary to engage and he wouldn't just be flanker's food like he is right now.

    2. PLEASE make his head hitbox smaller

    3. Make the chickens from his ultimate have 1200 health and be a tiny bit faster. Just so he can actually solo kill a chicken with resilience 3

    4. Lower the cooldown of weightless to 9 seconds. The base cooldown is unreasonably long for what this ability does.

    5. Make the explosive potion... Well explosive. Remove the slow effect, increase the cooldown and make it deal 800 aoe damage. Obviously add some falloff to the explosion.

    6. Make his potion launcher shoot faster. His damage is fine but I never understood why the launcher is sooo slow.

    Talent reworks:

    Mega Potion:

    (Assuming it got reworked to self-heal)

    Healing potion heals for 50% less but now cleanses cc abilities (excluding debuffs like cauterize), increase the cooldown by 2 seconds.

    (Assuming it got reworked to silence potion)

    Silence Potion now roots enemies in place for the duration of its effect.


    Explosive potion now deals 200 poison damage over 2 seconds. Poison doesn't put the target in combat but prevents self-healing abilities (can still be healed by an ally)

    Combat Medic:

    Name changed to "Acrobatics"

    Enemies killed while using weightless now take away 1 second of cooldown for all of Pip's abilities. If an ability is already off cooldown amplify the effect of next cast by 10% ability must be used within 8 seconds of the buff being applied to get amplified, doesn't stack with itself.

    Cards are a little too much work for me so i'll leave it to the devs but I think i've managed to make Pip into a relatively fun to play damage champion. Of course all numbers may be adjusted as needed.

  • He just needs more ammo or more damage, and his reload speed card back. Maybe replace the Megapotion with the old legendary that allows double jump during Weightless.

  • Pip doesn't need to be reworked into a damage, plus we already have more damage than supports. He just needs a basic numbers change in order to work as a support.

    Combat Medic is fine as it is.

    Catalyst is fine as the off support talent.

    Mega Potion is really what needs work. What if Mega Potion had a healing reduction from 100%-->50% more than the original, and the cooldown on his healing potion was reduced by 50%. That way, he'll have a 1,500 heal with a 4 second cooldown before Chronos, which is in line with the other supports. Then rework the reload card. This is with just a numbers change by the way.

    Another thing is an idea that I saw. Give Pip two charges of Mega Potion. So they each heal for 1,000, but you have two charges which is similar to Grohk's totem. That way, you won't feel guilty about healing a flank, but you could also double heal a front line if you wanted.

    Someone else suggested that Pip be similar to Furia and Mal'Damba where Mega Potion itself heals for 1,000 on splash, but then it'll leave an area of effect that'll heal for an additional 300 per second for 2 seconds. Or something like that... I don't remember the exact numbers.

    I like those suggestions as well, but if Hi-Rez doesn't want to mess with his coding and would rather do a numbers change instead, then my first suggestion would be the best.

  • PC

    We don't need another damage. If he were reworked into a flank, possibly OK I guess, but a damage? There's already enough damages for now.

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