Dev Roadmap 2020-2021

  • There it is! What are your thoughts about it?

    You know, I was just joking when I wrote this:

    @TTraw said in This Week in the Realm | Aug 17 - 23:

    Here's datamined leak of the upcoming roadmap:
    alt text

    Because I expected that one wouldn't make any kind of roadmap if they have nothing to offer.

    The only "exciting" thing wrote here is that patches will be every 6 weeks so that our balance wont be stuck for as long as currently but rest.... it's all cosmetic updates.

    Now, I do think our skins and maps are very high quality, matching even the AAA titles like Overwatch and such. However...

    Where are all the programeers with new systems/features/gamemodes? Do they only have like 1 programmer working on Paladins so that the best they can do is champion every 3 months that will still end up being with uninspired unoriginal kit like Tiberius or Corvus?

    Paladins seems like is in its maintenance/milk mode right now, and it seems like it will continue to do so for the rest of the year and even after that. There I hoped that with release of Rogue Company and death of Realm Royale we will finally have expanded dev team with at least provide a tiny bit more content. They even don't want to bring old gamemodes back.

    Disappointing. The game is fun but it's getting stale.

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    Other than a couple of things, it was very much a disappointment.

    • The next champ is confirmed to be a flank. I thought I heard a datamined name for the next champion at some point not too long ago, but not leaking that here. Not sure if that will be their name or that's the codename (as has been seen before in some datamines).
    • They're fixing Frozen Guard. Hopefully.

    Now otherwise, unfortunately, this is the most barren, non-revealing roadmap I've ever seen. It says very little of any real consequence... No Torvald rework, nothing being done about Timber Mill, most of it is about cosmetics... Have to make their money somehow I guess. I mean they mentioned almost nothing that really peaked my interest much.

  • GOOD

    • I'm excited for the new champions. Please let the new tank be a point tank and no more true melee champions such as Terminus! I know they don't like to design point tanks because they are 'boring' but I like point tanks, and love them or hate them, they are a very important aspect of this game. I personally only like to play Ash, Barik, Raum, Fernando, and Inara. The sustain tanks, even if Raum, Fernando, and Ash are off tanks.

    • This battlepass was so good and shows that Thunderbrush can actually make great skins and battlepasses if he stops playing around. I'm excited for the new skins and the new mount coming up.

    • I want ACTUAL change for next season. This season they promised to rework Torvald into a point tank, but they just did lazy number changes and made him into a cancerous bubble bot for the beginning of it, and a low tier one towards the end. Please make dire changes to the item shop. Like buff bulldozer and wrecker please, but give tanks more durability. Please either nerf the healing of supports and never touch cauterize again, or buff it back to 90% and revert the number changes.


    • I'm disappointed about the lack of new events such as Rise of Furia or End Times. Those were really fun events that was a break from ranked and normal siege. KOTH is a bad mode that is a worse version of End Times. It's the long ass map of End Times and the changing spawn circles, but without the wackiness such as morale boost 5, nimble 8, chronos 5, etc.


    • 6 week cycles. Like, what does that mean? If just bug fixes, then I'm all for it. I don't know about changing balance every 6 weeks. Yet if they do balance every other 6 weeks, that's 12 weeks, which is roughly 3 months. I think balance needs a happy medium of 2 months personally. 6 weeks is too short for the meta to really set in and get an idea of what needs change, yet 3 months is too long because we have to live with it.

  • @Dusklicious I was disappointed that they promised a Torvald and Skye rework for season 3, and we basically got a numbers change. We basically wanted Skye to have movement and be an actual flank. Season 3, they made her a pseudo support. We wanted Torvald to have actual tankiness and sustain for himself, instead they made him a cancerous bubble bot that gave his allies even more tankiness. They nerfed those two again, and now they suck again.

  • @TTraw Tbh I love the design of Corvus, and I don't need anymore gamemodes than siege. It just needs a new name, coz since we don't push a cannon/catapult, and don't break gates, like in the original mode, it's not "siege" anymore.
    I think what we need are more siege maps, more items, better balance.

  • @KicsitCsicska Corvus is fun, but he isn't particularly original or innovating kit-wise. He brings nothing new but that lifesteal card.

  • No 3rd person, no care given..

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    I want to know what about Corvus is unoriginal beside the primary fire? I quite like how his healing works and I haven't seen a marking system like his in any other game.

    Also please stop talking about 3rd person we already know its never coming back because it was problematic. Get over it, please.

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    @HeartQueen 100% agree about the torv and skye thing. Sigh, we'll have to wait a while before seeing any Skye changes, however. At least we have confirmation they are looking at torv.

  • @HeartQueen Torvald is gonna get a point tank rework, the slight changes were just to test if he would be healthier in a nerfed wrecker environment. Obviously it's just fundamentally flawed so they nerfed it so he isn't broken while they rework him. A rework takes as much time as a whole new champ so it'll take a while since their roadmap for 2020 was already set.

    Skye was done dirty tho. She just needed a dmg nerf on the talent if anything, but Hirez are cowards.

    @Dusklicious Frozen Guard is probably just getting an overhaul like Frog Isle, making it look like an actual vibrant Ice Castle map as seen here:

    Timber Mill will be fixed soon™ tho.

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