Commendations reset to 0 after 12h-24h ban

  • So you try to be a good and convenient team- and playmate altough this community is full of trolls and flamers. Your nerves go through with you a few times and you throw some words of anger around (which by fucking hell is normal for a human being attempting to play high quality matches and getting flamers, trolls or even worse in your teams for several matches in a row). Eventually you get a short temporary ban for raging too much, apparently, okay, fine...but then ALL commendations are reset?
    How stupid and unforgiving is this system actually!?

    Nullifying all the effort and care of being a good teammate for a few hundred matches just because someone shows their emotions after being repeatedly flamed or trolled, is just off the mark, really.
    Not that I'm even that bound to these comendations, because for me it's more about principles to behave adequately, and that justifies my rage here even more because this fucked up mechanic makes me feel like I was born a criminal in probation.

    rage off

    P.S. Mind you, I'm always trying to not flame constantly in a match or to even harass people afterwards. So if I rage that usually means 1-2 sentences of anger. Afterwards I try to calm down and apologise.

    But all of this justifies for the effort of hundreds of previous matches/commendations to be nullified, of course.

  • And to supply somewhat of a suggestion:

    This should be so obvious, but I'll mention it extra:

    The commendations should NOT be reset in consequence of a short temporary ban.
    A partial reset, or preferably a reset after let's say 3 bans or depending on the length/circumstances of the ban would be more adequate than this.

    Edit: And a last word about the reality of daily gameplay. Many people only understand the language of rage and are apparently too careless or simple-minded to give a fuck about eloquent discussion or logic commenting, I hope you consider this in your banning and other punishments as well.

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