Suggestion for our dear snipers!

  • I get it if we nerf the snipers imani and sha lin will be "OP"! No, if you can take lian you can counter with cassie or sha lin or even imani, just like strix can counter kinessa and so on!
    Its just the fact that our sniperchampions are also shotgunschapions but they deal more damage then buck for example!
    So for my suggestion, sins strix is rarely using his pistol for close range and kinessa her carbon mode i suggest to buff those to with a 10-15% more dmg!
    But the snipermode should in my opinion deal more damage over range and less when closer, kinda like grover.
    Its what i feel would be better.
    When i play against a decent or good sniper and now with jenos pocket or corvus pocket, like you are almost always 1v2 if you go for a sniper pick, you are always in a bad spot because they burst you down with two hits so you have not a good chance.
    I have seen many times in games that the sniper is flanking and the flank is trying to sniper because it is possible for snipers because they feel like snipers and shotguns.
    Anyway im going to leave it here i dont want to put them in the ground ok just the fact that i feel ot would be better if we see a grover style damage pattern.

  • @DjAxxept Snipers are balanced, kinessa carbon does so much damage (1000 dps), while I agree strix's pistol needs a buff he more than makes up for it with his sniper, although the hip fire could use a minimal buff.

  • If a team is taking a beating by a sniper, try using, not only your "competent" Frontline, but also the geography as a shield. Break the line of sight.

    If you are a sniper, do not just focus on your target. Be very aware of everything that is going on around you. Be preoared to move.

    The maps in this game are small. It can make things very challenging for snipers and their targets. Buffing or nerfing snipers will not change anything. It's the player's skill that will determine how well or bad they do - whether the sniper or target.

    As a sniper in this game, I'm very bad. But as a Frontline, shield and teamleader I can be very good. When things are bad, the only thing lacking is teamwork on either team.

  • PC

    Me after looking at these posts: bashes head against keyboard

    Seriously, the snipers are both in a very frustrating position right now, especially on maps with long sightlines... Flanking Strix on Frog is almost impossible if the Strix can aim well... 2 taps and flanks are gone, and on that map they're forced to be predictable... Kinessa also does a LOAD of damage very easily on her good maps with good aim, and she can also escape fairly easily with the right loadout cards... They honestly both need to be nerfed. Strix's fire rate is problematically fast, and in the case of Kinessa she just does so much damage so consistently with Steady Aim, and Eagle Eye can make her one shot several squishies... Saying they aren't a problem to some degree is to me like saying that Grand Design isn't. They're a serious problem to the point that on half of the ranked rotation, snipers are permabans.

    Sha and Imani are both far from concerning. Sha requires skill to even work let alone excel, and Imani is just OK at the moment. I will say for the OP that Lian is absurdly easy to burst down. Like absurdly easy. A Yomi Zhin can 4-shot her. DPS-wise, right now, I would be far more concerned about Vivian than anyone else, being that she's the best DPS champion in the entire game right now. Easy damage, few if any champions can effectively take her out...

  • @DjAxxept I personally feel like they just need to have less range on their secondaries

  • Snipers need a nerf. Kinessa was fine before her buff. She went from shooting every 1.5s-->1.3s. I would personally rework steady aim. Have it only proc on body shots, so headshots are still 1,800, but body shots are 1,560. That way the more skill based talent, Eagle Eye, gives more of a reward. Then revert her scope to fire every 1.5s instead of 1.3s. That'll balance her.

    Strix needs a nerf in dps from 1,200 to 1,100 for a body shot.

  • Honestly there needs to be a defined max dps cap for no falloff hitscan primary attacks.
    Sniper damage needs to be brought to a standard which feels nice to play with/against, this requires balance features to create less counter options from characters points of view.

    I find the direct sniper burst damage to be a pretty secure execute damage when it begins to tally beyond 1200 damage. I am fine with 1200 damage, often a two shot kill when the character has no recovery or DR, it just needs time.
    I just feel no falloff sniper damage needs a cap on its refire rate to limit DPS thus defining the TTK from a Sniper Rifle Kill.
    The current Hitscan Snipers are a good frame, but should utilise different means of utility damage other then straight up hitscan dps shred provided by bogus positioning and skill set. Personally I think they should focus on some improvements to their area/healing denial abilities outside of damage.

    By extension the max HP and Recovery strategies of certain characters also need to be looked at, snipers can easily saturate a player with no build to compensate for a snipers ability to punish exposure needed to advance position, thus the blatant counter pick potential. Characters need to be able to have builds that allows them to somewhat negate the effects of sniper design attacks and move to cover in some way.

    Aside from that... Map access.
    The amount of work that has gone into map redesigns, yet some could use elevators, teleporters, better terrain access and cover to reduce the flank route transition time for characters with limited mobility.
    Elevators are another kind of balance to flank routes in a sense they reveal stealth by needing to move the hidden player upwards, as well as taking time to move players in general rather then taking a series of ramps to reach a high ground.
    The handling of telepoters should be improved as stealth or teleport abilities have a great deal of power with the repositioning they provide, as well as providing a potential decaut window to players who know how to abuse repositioning, walling and terrain. Teleporters should be key assets placed in areas easy to defend, accessible locations that allow a flank to move with stealth unhindered, with an environment based wormhole. I am quite happy with how they handle, but I would like some limit to how fast I can keep reusing them.

  • I'm tired.

    I'm tired of games almost constantly made up of snipers.

    I miss the pre-Strix days so much. I've been playing this game for almost 4 years and I'm so drained with how much snipers have affected gameplay. It is almost impossible to assess risk when the sniper moves around invisibly. One has to be always at top health or else risk sudden death with no way of using any escapes or maneuvers to avoid it. Constantly hiding behind obstacles all the time is not fun gameplay. Not when one is a support or a frontline. Not when the sniper can just go invisible and choose a new spot to pop you without much warning.

    Why did this game think they needed an invisible sniper that can blind you?

    I understand the thrill of being a sniper and so being able to knock off opponents really fast, but what it has done to this game is sad.

    I have yet to meet anyone who used to play in the pre-Strix era who loves the way things are now---unless, of course, they are the sniper.

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