Rate my Io loadout! Feedback appreciated ^-^

  • Hi all!

    From browsing the forums a bit it seems like Io is a bit controversial, especially on the competitive side, but I'm much more of a casual player and try to not dwell on the comp scene too much. So I thought I'd hop on and share the loadout I've built for her. If you have any feedback please let me know, I'd love to know your thoughts!

    Talent - Life Link - Luna heals allies around her for 200 every second

    Protectors - 4pts - Regen 8% Moonlight every 1s while near Luna
    Feral Strength - 5pts - Luna HP increased by 1125
    Full Moon - 2pts - Gain 200 shield for 3s after using Lunar Leap
    Restored Faith - 2pts - Heal 20 every time you heal an ally with Moonlight
    Moonlight Garden - 2pts - Gen 4% Moonlight for each enemy hit with Light Bow

    Gameplay cycle:
    This loadout I made is centered around Luna almost being an extra tank/front, having almost as much health as many fronts, healing allies and capturing the point at the same time after the enemy is pushed back a bit. I cycle between shooting enemies and healing allies like 2-3 seconds at a time each, staying in range of Luna so I'm constantly getting health and Moonlight back rapidly. I usually stay a bit out of sight of the enemy at the beginning of the match to make sure I can reliably heal, then move Luna in once we push the enemy out. Full Moon is mainly an escape tactic that has benefited me a lot during times that I get hard flanked. But overall with the loadout, I'm able to heal Luna faster than even Raum can do damage to try to take it out, so Luna is also able to serve as a really beefy decoy of sorts while damages take out the threats and I keep the front healed.

    Let me know your thoughts in the replies!

  • @Afterlyte Tbh, Goddess' blessing is without doubt the strongest talent, When cauterize (antiheal) comes online late game, life link isn't gonna do anything in that situation. The damage reduction that Godess' blessing gives to an ally makes them SOO much harder to kill. Btw, Luna is used to cap, whilst a tank makes space and pushes, so u basically have free cap and a 5v4 situation. Life link won't do anything if no one stands on point ofc.
    As for the loadout, most people use extra moonlight capacity and regen when not active, with the leap reset and the moonlight garden card.
    Hope this helps a bit, but know that if it feels good to u, it's all that matters. I main Drogoz and use cards I almost never see anyone else using.

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