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    I feel in this season that blasters sucks. They are rarely picks on ranked games, coz their projectiles are slower that direct hit projectiles, so they are haevy countered by hitscan attacks. Only Bomb King and SC Seris can be viable on most of the matches. Bk has crazy burst, and Seris has huge survivability.
    Most of them can be picked at most at last, when you are sure that the enmy team has no counter. If they have Viktor, Strix or Andro you will have realy hard time. I just suggest small and simply buffs for them for making the meta more variable:

    Drogoz: He used the fly 30% higher. It helped him a lot for escape at least from the short range enemies. I think Thrust's old distance should be set back.

    Willo: She was a decent pick with the 24 units Flitter. The damage fall of reseting on the edges from 40% to 30% was well deserved, but the mobility nerf was just too much for her. I loved her F. It was'nt that OP.

    Dredge: He is weak on long range, coz Harpoon can not cauterize and he can caught on close range too, coz his escape is so slow. If he hasn't got portal in 1 unite range he is dead before being able to getting out. It's because pressing F puts his Shortcut exactly where he is, so he have to step away and back for the teleport. It requires many time in a risky situation. If the skill put the portal just 1 unit behind him he could escape way better.

    Pip: Catalyst use the give 40% damage boost. Now it's just 30%. Healer Pip is trash coz of his potion midair explosion bug, but his dmg playstyle also very rarely used. Even in the last patch. He relies on selfheal and CC so much, so caut and resillance buffs made him even worse DD. He is just a fun pick, as Skye was for years.
    His huge head hitbox should be reduced asap, and if his dmg boost were reset to the original 40% he would return into the game.

    Evie: She is a high skill - low reward champion. She need to be realy good for do well. Opposite of Lian.
    If her basic frosty attack slowed enemies - just as Imani's ice attack -, her shots would be easier to land. And it would be a logical buff, coz frost slows muscles just as in Imani's case.

  • @KicsitCsicska The problem with blasters are the skill requirement versus effectiveness. Dredge doesn't really have a good kit. He's one of the least mobile blasters in the game and he doesn't have a lot of utility. Yet he's accessible. So he farms low elo, but sucks at high tier. Same with Willo, but due to deadzone and her mobility, she's more viable than Dredge at higher tiers. Dredge has no mobility and Willo has no damage due to the fact that they're accessible, so they farm lower tiers. Bomb King and Evie are the opposite in that noobs feed on them, while veterans wreck ass on them. Here's what I would do:

    Drogoz: you hit the nail on the head in my opinion. His mobility needs work. Not only does he need to fly higher, but he needs to fall slower.

    Dredge: I think he needs the ability to deploy his short cut up to maybe 50-100 units away. Less spam! How about firing less frequently. Like every .8 seconds? Yet the projectiles that bounce will explode faster like from .7s-->.5s. Perhaps a cooldown on broadside? Like fire 3 projectiles and then it goes on a cooldown of about 8 seconds. Put Expansive Vault 2 in base kit (increase jump height after leaving short cut). Less spam, more mobility. Reworks scuttle and abyss spike. Scuttle is a lazy talent in my opinion. Abyss Spike is useless and bad.

    Pip: If his head hitbox were reduced, he would be annoying. Him and Willo are small and have big heads to balance them. Perhaps dr after weightless. Mess around with the numbers on Mega Potion. Like 100%-->50% extra healing, but 50% cooldown. So 1,500 every 4s. I do agree with your Catalyst revert though.

    Evie: more sustain in my opinion. Flicker heals for {60|60} per level. Old reprieve in base kit where she heals for 300 per second in Ice block (which is a 900 heal over 3 seconds). At the same time, a nerf to wormhole. Like you can double blink, but the cooldown is increase to 5s or 6s. Or perhaps wormhole stays the same, but Flicker has an internal cooldown of 5s. If the base kit has to suck due to a talent, then nerf the talent or the cards that break the talent.

    Willo: I agree with the mobility buff. I do think her damage reduction card needs to be nerfed though. Have deadzone countered by rejuvenate so you can have more options to play around it. Make her need more skill to play. Like smaller projectiles and slower rate of fire. Compensate with more base damage, and increase from 500-->600 per shot. Like nerf the projectile size from 14-->10 units. Lower the fire rate to .8 seconds. Increase base damage to 600 per shot. Nerf blastflower to make up for that increase in base damage from 80-->65. So it'll stack to 795. Lower than 1,066.7 dps but lower than it's current 986.7.

    Bomb King: why isn't he on the list? 😞 I personally want Bomb King to have more mobility.

  • The three classic blasters, BK, Drogoz and Willo have still excellent winrates. They are all under the best 4 damage champs on Diamond rank for example. Blasters are traditionally the strongest damage champs. Dredge, the newest blaster champion, is the exception since he was almost always weak.

    I wouldn't count Evie, Pip and Seris as blasters. Then I could also count Ash.

  • Willo is still great. Deadzone is bullshit ability.

  • PC

    Well here's my take on it, regardless of how controversial that always seems to be. Sans Pip because most of what I want to see done with Pip involves improving his healing output.

    Drogoz: I could see this, maybe. It would help him deal with hitscans a little better as well as make him a little harder to deal with close-up. I also think they should change his Salvo to make it not useless as well by removing the shield bonus and giving it more flat damage. It's an in-hand anyways, so the shield bonus isn't all that useful (and just buffing that would make him a nightmare for shield-oriented characters to deal with, without addressing his actual problems).

    Willo: Willo for all intents and purposes is an abysmal pick who's only real use is her lack of a sound profile (quite literally the only reason she's better than Dredge at high skill aside from her somewhat tangible mobility). Most of what could make her potentially annoying is very avoidable (WASD and awareness are things), her damage output is the worst out of all the blasters, and as previously stated her mobility is just very meh, even if that's not what I'll target for changes. I'll instead shift my focus onto Dead Zone and her Seedlings. Dead Zone needs something that isn't just negated by moving out of the circle, while also not having 100% healing reduction (because it's annoying). Give it damage over time (6% max hp/sec?) and reduce the healing reduction to 60%, which will essentially make it the blaster equivalent of Tyra's fire bombs with some in-built caut. As for Seedlings, make the seedlings explode after a bit less time. Maybe .75 seconds for each or something. Still escapable but not almost totally negligible with any degree of brains.

    Dredge: Dredge's main issue in my opinion is straight-up bad kit design. Most flanks can just farm him due to his lack of mobility (except Evie), that is his main problem. I honestly don't know how this issue would be fixed. A start would be to increase his base movement speed because it's one of the slowest in the game. Though to ADEQUATELY fix his problems without making him too strong at lower skill levels, his spam needs to be addressed, which might require a rework.

    Evie: Evie's biggest problem right now, in my experience, is that she does pretty abysmal damage. I also think slowing on her basic attack might help make her burst (2 AA's because nothing else in her kit does any real damage) more confirmable while also making her easier for lower skill levels where she's probably the worst character in the entire game (and even past that until you get to Diamond or Masters she's still bad). I would also say that she might need a slight health buff to keep up with Maeve.

    Bomb King: Mentioning him here because I've heard him mentioned. He's probably the only blaster that's fine with the current meta as is. He doesn't do a heck of a lot of damage, but combining that with the value of the 3 cc abilities he has in his kit makes him seem more than ok with his current state. If anything, I'd want Royal Subjects reworked because it just makes him from a more difficult rewarding damage into an easier, still as rewarding damage.

  • @HeartQueen @Dusklicious
    Thank you for your complete answers, I agree with most of them you wrote. But I will discuss about the remaining. First of all I don't think there are huge, gameplay feeling changes are needed. Changing fire rate, projectile hitbox size, or completly rework abilities, like 60% heal reduction to Dead Zone could just breake the play we used to unnecessarily.

    I think we all agree about this Drogoz buff could be great.

    I've already saw this Dredge Short cut buff in the forums, and I love it. But I think it could be the best if it was a new talent with the avatar of the old removed ally teleporting one, and it replaces the braindead Scuttle.
    The spammy Broadside could make sense if it had half sec slower fuse time, but 3s cd inbuilt.
    Hurl could be viable if Harpoon counted as inhand attack and gain the caut, wrecker, bulldower, lifesteal bonuses. There's a card what's useless with the other talents but OP with this one, so I suggest to rework it:
    Mortal Skewer: Double the bonus but also add 10s internal cd.
    So the internal cd could compensate the inhand buff of Hurl, and could also make this card useful with any talents.
    His mobility cards suck.
    Expansive Vault needs {1|3}s scaling instead of {1|1}s, coz it makes sense only on lvl1.
    Crow's Nest needs 50% buff on knockback, and Haul on the Bowline needs the same buff on the duration.
    So he won't be an easy target for the flankers if you build a loadout concentrate against them.

    We agree about Pip's healing output is under average. But I think all of the other healer's healing should be nerfed to his level, instead of buffing him. He need no buff on heals, because a team with a healer Pip is still more viable than a team without healer.
    Damage Pip also sucks, and we agree with @HeartQueen about revert it's nerf.

    +4 unit distance on Flitter couldn't break Willo. SHe's not just the lowest dmg output owner, but she's also super ez to flank coz if her lack of mobility. If Dead Zone dealt no damage by default, but also cripled while it effects on you than it could be realy deadly, and it couldn't be as ez to counterplay and it could work against flankers.

    Finally we agree about add slow to Evie. Flicker is her most OP card, never buff it! 150 heal per sec onto Ice Block could be enaugh in my opinion. It could make usage to this skill and it's better than just buff her HP. She is low HP - high monility champ, just don't change this.
    Tbh I wouldn't nerf Wormhole. Rather add new cards what helps out her other talents:
    -Cold Acclimation: While your Ice Storm is active heals you by {80|80} Health per seconds.
    -Howling Gale: Activating Ice Block reduces the Cooldown of Soar by {1.2|0.8}s.

    I agree with @Dusklicious about BK. I would like to see a new talent after removing Royal Subject, what adds a second charge to Puppy Bomb.

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