The problem with snipers. (Especially strix lol)

  • Hitting shots is easy, snipers don't often need to aim that well as body shots are rewarding enough- now I do enjoy playing Kinessa, so I'm not just whining. In games like tf2, snipers are rewarded much more heavily for aiming but in paladins all you have to do is look at the point and m1, hitting body shots isn't difficult for most people and deals too much damage, snipers should be required to aim at heads to do max damage, instead of quick scoping that poor flank that spent three minutes getting to you. When playing front-line, it's laughably easy for an enemy sniper to hit you and taking a quarter off your hp after half a second of peeking really ruins the game. I think snipers should be reworked so they reward skill more but still allow new players to try them. (Also, as a side note, can you disable chat messages for everyone playing sniper as they seem to take the piss out on their team when they die and spam "ez" at the end of a game.)

    P.S. In the dictionary definition for sniper it uses the words "especially accurately"
    P.P.S. I'm probably gonna get flamed for not posting my ideas on the rebalance but I'm just too lazy to do it right now.

  • Problem is that sniper winrates are already the worst of all damage champs. Nerfing them would mean they get a burden for every team. The "all ranks" winrate of Strix is 42% . He'd probably still be played with 35% but it would be no fun for his team. So a nerf of his damage output would require a boost of his kit to keep him balanced.

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