Is this a bug or am I just unlucky?

  • When playing Evie I have this reoccurring problem where if I'm dueling someone I notice one of two things happen atleast once per match.
    Either the enemy would take a direct hit that should've been a killshot and survive with a hair of HP remaining, or they would be so low that a strong word would kill them, but somehow would survive a blast to the face without taking ANY damage. This also happens with Tyra's grenade launcher sometimes but I rarely use it to finish kills so not sure if it's as frequent as Evie.
    Has anyone else noticed this? I'm on PS4 so maybe it could be a console thing but idk.

  • @OriginalEquinox doesn't bk have a similar bug?

  • @Zeebuoy haven't played him enough to notice, but if it is a bug then he could have it as well since their weapons are all similar

  • @OriginalEquinox

    yeah, bombs not doing dmg

    for some reason.

  • That happens to me as well with Evie. Evie gets infuriating for me to play cause between this bug and the hitbox delay on blink i feel like i die without it being my fault.

  • PC

    I actually saw a video of this happening to a Kinessa that was shooting a Jenos who was half behind cover. Hit him once and the Jenos had like a sliver of health left, but after at least four more hits without having adjusted aim (cuz he wasn't moving) he didn't take any damage. This and the server lag is tremendously annoying.

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    Bugs can be reported by following the instructions here.

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    @Borvik said in Is this a bug or am I just unlucky?:

    Bugs can be reported by following the instructions here.

    you can report bugs but unless everyone is complaining about it they won't see it, I've reported a ranked bug that is around since at least 6months and that can give free win or lose before the game even started, yet they don't care, among all the bugs I have reported only one which was about cosmetics got fixed....yup they fix bugs, but I'm not sure it's worth reporting, especially since bugs like BK or evie or even nessa are well known, just have to wait till they finally fix it
    I'm not even gonna talk about bucks shots, probably the hitbox anyway but a shotgun dealing 200 ish damage at close range (and almost all bullets hit) is total bullshit
    but everything related to hitboxes such as this nessa bug (same for heads not being at the right place...) won't get fixed until a long time

    you can even see the hiboxes are a mess in shooting range...or in customs (for exemple jenos' head is above is actual head, viktor's hitboxes is way bigger than the red outline, drogoz' tail...)

  • I have reported this, it went down the drain like always

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