CC vs Resillance

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    Do you remember my old post, "Healing vs Cauterie"? Not? Not a porblem. It's literally the same with one level lower importance. You know I'm tired to max out caut all the time, regardless team comps, maps, anything, just because ally healing is too OP in this game. And CC is realy similar. Just az ally healing, CC is realy strong in this game, and if any of your enemies owna decent form of it, you just have to counter it by Resillance. Owningmore CC based talents makes absolutly no sense, coz even one forces the enemies to max out resillance what make all CC useless. Picking a CC talent had importance at least by forcing the enemies to waste cerdits to counter it. CC is still too strong to play against it without using the hard counter item (dear noobs, who suck against grip Jenos) but this new super cheap Resillance makes no sense to realy use this.
    Do you remember when you saw Direct Current Torvald, Wekono' Wrath Mal'Damba, or Agony Seris on ranked? No? Probably you're not senile. Who play this game seriously just don't waste a talent onto this outmeta trolling.

    So. What I suggest is the same as in the previous mentoined post. Nerf the hardest CC abilities, but also nerf Resillance. So this item won't be obligatory against CC, and more than one CC based champion won't suck so hard just ebcause the cheapest item makes them useless.

    I would nerf most of the CC abilites, except the weakest ones, what still suck against no resillance, like Agony, Snake pit, or Harpoon. And revert the cost decreasing of Resillance: put it back to 200 at base.
    E.g. Decrease the duration of Heavy Blade, Void Grip, Nullify, Grumpy Bomb, Explosive Flasks, Evil Mojo, Bon Appetit and Overpower by 0.5s.

  • @KicsitCsicska The problem is that 60% cc reduction is good enough for some talents, and a joke for others. For example. It effectively counters Grover's crippling throw with Deep Roots bringing it from 1s-->.4s. Yet it's a joke for someone like Tiberius who goes from 3s slow to 1.2s slow.

    So because some cc is way better than others, the cc that is way better will be oppressive because Hi-Rez doesn't want to hard counter a 1s stun. Like if you buff it to 25% per level, Grover's ax only roots for .25s. Sure it'll make Tiberius feel better to go against, but it'll make playing Grover feel like crap.

  • @HeartQueen They could give it an adaptive value, with some formula along the lines of
    "60% - (10% × (a-b))", where "a" is the average duration of CCs in the game and "b" is the duration of the effect in consideration. This way the shorter CCs are less affected by Resilience, while the longer ones are actually affected more. Obviously, this is just an example, all numbers could be tweaked. My point is that by making Resilience more complex it could be more flexible and feel better both to use and to go against, though at the cost of being harder to balance and implement.

  • cough cough Magi's Cloak cough.

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