• Look I would like to propose a tip for the toxicity problem that exists in paladins
    one of the reasons why players are toxic is represented by the mastery that other players have with a champion Example: I have high mastery with Maeve (150) and with that the players demand a lot from me (anyone with high mastery) and when I can't have all the potential they expected in a match, they say horrible things even prejudiced and these situations make anyone sad and discouraged with the community and the game...That said, I wanted to propose that they remove the domain with the champions from the character selection screen and the loading screen, propose that they let the champions' mastery be seen only for those players who select them, this is one of the main factors that play toxicity in the game. And with that being brought into the game, I believe it will no longer be a reason for the toxicity in the game to happen,I hope you can read, understand that this is necessary and put it in our beloved paladins ❤

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