Radiant stars Atlas still feels weak compared to EVERY other tank yes even ruckus

  • Atlas feels weak in most scenarios and somewhat clunky to play, while I understand he is a high skill champion I have put enough time into him to realise some of the necessary changes.

    Some small changes is removing the lockout on his abilities during his shooting and charging animation, another buff that could be perceived as small but I believe would significantly improve atlas's quality of life is the ability to hold charged shots indefinitely or if not atleast a few seconds.

    His talents are also somewhat lack-luster and unenjoyable, a few changes to the talents may help or an overall rework to his talents might be needed. Small changes would be, remove the CD increase on Temporal Divide or atleast decrease it to 30% or lower as a 21 second cooldown on a shield is excessive, although it is a powerful, large shield that cannot be broken (disproving buying wrecker allowing other items), another small change would be to unstable fissure would be reducing the fuse tien on it to 2s or maybe even 1s but making it brighter to compensate as it is easy to get away from but hard to see and maybe increase the damage to 1000. In my opinion Deja Vu should just be removed and replaced with a talent effecting his ultimate maybe making his ultimate and his Setback an aoe or just overall a talent that changes or improves his ultimate.

    The last change would be to exile (his ultimate). I must say his ultimate is very powerful when used correctly but VERY VERY situational and I feel adding a damage number to his ultimate like 840 (the same as his charged shot) may allow it to be used offensively to dish out a lot of burst damage on 3 different people, on top of that some abilities will continue to heal through the banish state, for example jenos mark, corvus mark (if someone else is healed with the mark on the banished person), furia beam, mending spirits.

    I also think shield should absorb furia beam but that's just a cool thing to look at lol.

    Thanks for reading

  • @AbyssVision I'll add a small one: make Stasis Field behave like all other shields, generating credits and showing shielding in the end results. At the moment there's literally no way for a player to judge how well they used the wall during a match.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere They could do like Smite and add a 'damage mitigated' stat.

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    Atlas suck as a solo tank with 1 dmg skill and 2 skill only focus on HP recovery which his easy to get rekt by strong champ while other tank can go solo and can survive way longer and deal strong dmg they should change 1 of atlas rewind skill effect that if it hits a player by rewind their skill will go on cooldown also 2 rewind got long cooldown

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    @roiwtto999 said in Radiant stars Atlas still feels weak compared to EVERY other tank yes even ruckus:

    Atlas suck as a solo tank

    Frankly only Inara and Term are viable solo tank, MAYBE Fern COULD be if he got buffs.

    I think Atlas is situationally good in the hands of a skilled player on the right maps. He can two-shot squishies if he gets headshots, his rewind is pretty effective against Ash (who's the best off-tank at the moment).

    But he's definitely overrated at high level. He's definitely viable and actually quite serviceable particularly against Ash or Raum, but he's definitely not on level with either, similar to how Khan is now except less situational (Khan pretty much is unviable on maps like Bazaar, but decent enough on Fish and Frog because he can throw people off).

    But he definitely needs something. I say his F needs to have its cooldown reduced by a couple of seconds and he needs a CDR on elimination card. Perhaps rework Ravages of Time for that purpose.

    I'll also add that I'd like to see a reduction in the detonation time for Unstable Fissure. It could make for a viable damage alternative potentially if used correctly.

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