Furia Golden Skin

  • I think we need to rework Furias golden skin it’s underwhelming there’s so much potential with it, we could do things like make the white on her wings either black or a matte gold and actually make the wings either black or the matte gold also, there can be creative things done to her clothes as well not just some gray slapped on there. The skin doesn’t resemble the golden weapon at all it looks like a mismatch. I also think other Golden skins should be redone I’m just mentioning Furia because I’m playing her at the moment I suppose when every character has golden we can rework the less impressive ones.

  • @Xuale why not add a few parts that can be customised to a small golden pallet with all the usual colours (eg. Iridescent, metal gold, cloth gold, chrome black)

  • Furia's golden skin actually used to look waaaay better on her release day, then they changed it for the worse. See her PTS videos and compare.

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