Please nerf Raum!

  • Dude this guy is retarded. He doesn't die unless you have like 3+ people all hitting headshots on him and even then he still takes FOREVER to die! I'd say he's more broken than Moji's range! Please DEV team, please for the love of god fix Raum!

  • Are you stating that working as a cohesive team you cannot beat down Raum and win a match? That Raum is so powerful that your cohesive team consistantly loses matches? Or, if, Raum was on your team you would win more matches?

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    Raum is so easy to kill use any champ got cripple can easily destroy raum

    Even picking moji and cassie also skye can rekt raum

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    Hard CC and max health damage: exist

  • Only issues with Raum that I have is that his soul armor for some reason isn't affected by wrecker and he generates enough of it to be able to withstand A LOT of focused fire in early rounds. Especially if there's a supporter backing him up.

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    @adek183 you do know cautarize counter raum health regen armor not wrecker

  • Nerf, buff, nerf, buff. That is the most popular topic in this forum. Why is it that most posters here do not urge total communicative teamwork?

    No matter the strength of a character, cohesive teamwork is almost always the best and reliable option. A good lower rank team can usually beat a high ranked team who cannot work together.

    Nerf, buff, nerf, buff. Pretty silly.

    My unpopular opinion.

  • @roiwtto999 said in Please nerf Raum!:

    @adek183 you do know cautarize counter raum health regen armor not wrecker

    Is not affected by Wrecker and Cauterize

  • @Conrad_Max Here's the thing... Most people in general want their favorite champion(s) to feel powerful, and they want anything that annoys them to be nerfed. That is community balance in a nutshell. This is why I don't think devs should really listen to the community as far as balance goes for the most part. Some feedback is necessary, but the community is going to be biased.

    Here's something else to think of: One man's broken/op is another man's throw pick. Some people think that Willo is overpowered. Some people think that she's a throw pick. Same with Makoa, and I'm talking pre-nerf Makoa here. One person said that the community overreacted to Makoa because they would't ban Makoa at all, and let the enemy team have him. Their experience was that in 2/10 games he did well and 1/10 games he would carry the enemy team to a victory. So that's 7/10 where he was mediocre at best. Yet most people were saying that Makoa is overpowered.

    I've actually seen an Androxus/Evie main, before Lian got her ult and heraldy card nerf, go on and on about Lian needing a nerf. I'm pretty sure they were pulling their hair out and yelling at the computer. Someone actually pointed out that statistically, the devs have more of a reason to buff Lian than to nerf her. Yet that person wouldn't listen to reason. The person eventually said that the devs were most likely going to nerf Lian because of how frustrating she is for a lot of people, even if she doesn't win games (basically Strix part 2). Some people were wanting Grover's crippling throw to not proc on deployables or shields, yet those same people turned around and cried when Androxus reversal didn't proc on shields or deployables either.

  • Raum is meat.
    Just a lot of meat.

    That's his whole design.
    It really does not have that much else aside from a choke buster.

    Without a shield he is a sitting duck supressor with a lot of prefire on his abilities. Having to play in a position where he cannot be tag teamed as he struggles to duel with more then 1 champion at a time with his primary fire. His only strength lies in a broken team composition.

    With caut active, his overall sustain power vanishes, we see his design without sustain is gutted in a firefight when players deny both uncautable healing and card sustain.

    Personally I prefer tanks with a few counterable elements in the store not just 1 red counter item, with the rest being up to champion abilities to shut down the other character. The game has issues when champions unable to fight certain others due to lack of ability are thrown together in a random game.

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