Frontline: Aegis, The Living Fortress

  • Frontline: Aegis, The Living Fortress

    Aegis is a frontline tank that's specialty is using two huge shields, one in each hand. He is a point tank and primarly focuses on shielding and burst damage. He has a stamina bar that controls a few of his abilities.

    Primary Fire:
    He has two huge shield which he can slam down on the ground every 1.5 seconds dealing 800dmg, it creates a small earthquake in an arc around the point in which he slams the shield down (10 Units). After 2 swings, he puts both shields together and slams them down (2s swing) dealing 900dmg and create a more precise earthquake in a straight line going 20 units before ending.

    Secondary Fire: 10% Stamina activation
    He connects both his shields together which gives him 80% damage reduction and anyone 30 units behind him 20% damage reduction. This ability consumes 5% of his stamina bat per second. It costs 10% stamina to connect the shields.

    Ability 1: 15% Stamina Activation
    He puts both his shield together and begins to sprint, he has control over turning and it has a good turning speed, each time he hits an enemy it consumes 10% stamina and knocks them out of the way (left shield knocks them to the left, right to the right), or he can tap the button again for him to do a jump and bash into his enemy and this consumes 30% stamina and knocks them back and down for 1s.

    Ability 2: 80% Stamina on activation

    He connects his shields together and slams them into the ground, rocks burst out of each side and create a wall that blocks damage from both sides. It has 5000 health and is affected by bulldozer.

    Ability 3:
    He screams, gains cc immunity and slams his shield down 3 times, the first having a 25% slow, dealing 500 dmg then a 0.5s pause, the second slam dealing 600 dmg and having a 50% slow then a 0.75s pause and the final slam dealing 700dmg blasting all enemies back in the radius and a short 0.5s stun. LOS needed, range of 75 units.

    Man that armaments! : The wall now has slopes on 4 points of the wall with a thin wall covering the upper body and lower torso. Wall health lowered by 500.

    Perennial : His ultimate charges 15% faster, it also resets his stamina after ultimate. 10% DR from the front.

    Substancial Mass: His shield sprint now consumes 50% less stamina, on top of that he also slows enemies for 1.5s after hitting them by 40%.

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