Should Andro be able to do flickshots?

  • Alright listen up. I know that flickshots with Andro are a skill-based manuver (Well as skill-based as you can get with these gigantic hitboxes) but Lex for example has basically a downgraded nether step and his camera locks down untill slide is finished. Sure it feels super bad but I doubt that you want to be spammed with almost perfect accuracy by a sliding Lex. Come to think of it Talus, Koga, Willo and Lian also have camera lockouts during their movement abilities. They all (Ok maybe except SMG Koga) can deal heavy burst damage just like Andro and only Andro doesn't have to deal with any lockouts which give him a massive advantage during duels. Not only he has no lockout but his dashes also don't interrupt the weapon shots so I'm asking: Should Androxus be able to do flickshots? Just for a moment discard the "flickshots require skill" excuse and think about it from balance perspective.

  • @adek183 From this perspective probably not, being able to have high mobility and high damage output at the same time does indeed tip the fight balance quite in his favor. On the other hand, the fact that it requires a lot of skill to perform can't be ignored and I think this kinda justifies it still being in the game.

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