More talents that revert a champion basekit to what it used to be

  • Many people asked for old androxus and lex weapons back and hirez pleased us with 2 talents that allow us to play old automatic weapons again... that's great, finally some community requests came true.
    But can we have theese kind of talents for more champions? Not only androxus and lex.

    SNOW GLOBE rework: Your projectile deals 920 damage + 20% bonus after blink but it's 50% slower.

    DIRECT CURRENT rework: changes many factors and abilties in torvald's kit (press K to see more details)

    The talent will change:

    HP 3300 --> 6000
    Shield 1800 --> 2000

    Gauntlet --> A channeled beam of runic energy that locks on and deals 50 damage every 0.1s to a single target.
    Can be fired even if there is no valid target, spending ammo without doing anything.
    Has a range of 60.
    Has an ammo count of 50.
    Has a reload time of 1.4s.
    Cannot be used during Recharge.

    Recharge --> now also damages enemy shields

    Nullify --> Runic Blast : Shoot out a medium range blast that deals 500 damage and Silences and Disarms enemies for 1.5 s.

    ENSNARE rework : Changes many aspects and abilties in buck's kit (Press K to see more details)

    The talent will change
    HP: 2300 --> 2800

    Shotgun: A massive shotgun that fires 20 small pieces of shrapnel that deal up to 570 damage every 0.8s. Effective at Short Range.
    6 AMMO
    Larger spread

    Net shot : now applies 20% bonus damage

    Recovery : heal yourself for 1000 health over 6 sec

    Heroic leap: now has 2 charges with 6 cooldown

    Buck wild: Go Buck Wild, instantly resetting all cooldown , refilling ammo and increasing weapon damage by 100% without consuming ammo. (6 sec duration)

  • @Driggydrug i agree about having more talents that revert the champions to thier old selfs, but i dont like your idea of how to do it For torvald and buck. These Would be change Way too much and would be hard to balance with the other talents. My way of introducing them would be;

    Buck: you gain x more hp but you deal y less dmg

    Torvald: increase your shield hp by x, increase the duration and decrease the shield/sec of recharge, and be able to drain shield hp from

    That way they still get the feeling of how they used to be, but wont basically make them into new champions.

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