September Happy Thread

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    So the thing with Vivian is... You can't just fly in a straight line or simply hit around her shield. Vivian basically does double my dps and it's hitscan versus my slow moving projectiles. So I have to tremendously outplay her if she has a brain. A lot of Vivian players aren't very good, and they panic when they go against someone who knows how to get around the shield. So I had to fly around the map, blink up, blink out, fly around, blink up, hit, fly around, hit, in order to kill her. We ended up winning this game, so happy thread. But man do I hate having to play around a Vivian with healing. Like, this one had a Life Exchange Ying up her ass.


    Zhin and I tore this team up. Match-making made it up to me by putting me against bots. Seems like Zhin or I should have flipped to the other team or something. It was unfair for us both to be on the same team.

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    The Jenos that wouldn't die...


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    I'm not going to play ranked on it so it's okay.

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    @Dusklicious ToxicBarikMain?

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    @Vaporized said in September Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious ToxicBarikMain?

    That would honestly be a better name than I came up with. 😆

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    @Dusklicious You saw I changed mine from PlayBlind. You could change yours if you want to.

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    @Vaporized said in September Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious You saw I changed mine from PlayBlind. You could change yours if you want to.

    If I get the Crystals I can.

    Also, d@mn the games I'm getting I could be 1v5ing and 4-0ing lol. Pretty insane how easy these matches are... Not much harder than bots.

    Easiest Non-Bot of Life.jpg


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    @Dusklicious You saw my last one in the rage.. total shut out. IDK what's going on. There weren't all noobs. Yeah, we had a masters maeve but the enemy did almost zero. Never seen anything like it. I want to believe they were all bots. Kind of afraid to Q now.


    PS: I didn't use crystals. I followed a "trick" posted on reddit.

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    Also not too long ago I christened my smurf account with its first leaver penalty (because somebody else instalocked Barik)

    Christened with first leaver penalty =3.jpg

    Also got its first loss against a Maeve that was smurfing even more obviously than I am. And I'm in Diamond.

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    Who was it looking for a Moji that isn't trash? Comments funny. Q times even worse than yesterday.



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    Faster Q this time... Vivian is currently masters as well. I'm bronze Viii 🙂 Not my best but I'll take it.



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    I hard carried the Viktor game, and relaxed a bit more for the Lian game. Ranked matches. Still, the point is that I have to do well those games. I was proud of the Lian game because I basically shot Willo out of the sky a few times, and I only missed like 15% of my shots this game.



    After that, I chilled out with a few casual games as Maeve and Imani. I used to be able to hit my daggers more consistently, now I'm a bit rusty. It was a bad Maeve game at first, until I got used to aiming with her daggers. After that, I carried us to a victory. The Imani match was sort of frustrating due to the fact that I was fighting against a Torvald pocketed Raum, but I was too good to fail. lol.

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    Thanks guys for getting my Maeve a positive WR! This is a valid insta locker complaint...


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    A tank main sauces on people with Talus.

    Cleaan Talus.jpg

    Clean Taluss.jpg

    But yeah Barik and Jenos were pretty much the only good players they had. Though I gave Barik a free kill by diving straight into an obvious bait ult (that would have otherwise been a complete waste).

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    @Dusklicious What's your Q times these days? Mine is all over the place - I have cross play off.

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    @Vaporized said in September Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious What's your Q times these days? Mine is all over the place - I have cross play off.

    I usually multi-queue so it's sometimes as little as 45 seconds - a minute, but when I queue for just one mode, more like 3 minutes. Kind of just depends.

  • I enjoy Binar Star

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    Making a Samurai/Ninja type concept for a character designed to be a highly mobile off-tank... 😛

    And yes, it's got a stance switch.

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    "Barik can't compete with other tanks" - Some Masters Player that Isn't Good at Barik (Seriously though at least half of Bariks I see make me cringe)

    BaRiK iS NoT sTrOnG.jpg

    BaRiK iSn'T sTrOnG.jpg

    BaRiK iSn'T sTrOnGg.jpg

    If you realize his potential skill ceiling, to be honest, he can even compete with damage dealers in terms of damage output while still sustaining serviceably well as a tank. Granted I almost one trick Barik in ranked so.

    Uhmm, I thought my Andro was absolutely awful. Guess not always.

    Dusk's Andro can carry wat.jpg

    Dusk's Andro can carry wut.jpg

    Dusk's Andro can carry what.jpg

    Still lost a 1v1 to a non-focusing lens Ying somehow but other than that, this game was legit clean.

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    Video recorded. 👍

    Only thing is, uhh, with my current setup, you'll hear clacking keys. Also was kind of nervous because it's my first time doing one of these.

    Is nobody ever happy anymore?

    Anyways, Grover slaps.

    Grover Slaps.jpg

    Grover Slapps.jpg

    Grover Slapss.jpg

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