September Happy Thread

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    "Barik can't compete with other tanks" - Some Masters Player that Isn't Good at Barik (Seriously though at least half of Bariks I see make me cringe)

    BaRiK iS NoT sTrOnG.jpg

    BaRiK iSn'T sTrOnG.jpg

    BaRiK iSn'T sTrOnGg.jpg

    If you realize his potential skill ceiling, to be honest, he can even compete with damage dealers in terms of damage output while still sustaining serviceably well as a tank. Granted I almost one trick Barik in ranked so.

    Uhmm, I thought my Andro was absolutely awful. Guess not always.

    Dusk's Andro can carry wat.jpg

    Dusk's Andro can carry wut.jpg

    Dusk's Andro can carry what.jpg

    Still lost a 1v1 to a non-focusing lens Ying somehow but other than that, this game was legit clean.

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    Video recorded. 👍

    Only thing is, uhh, with my current setup, you'll hear clacking keys. Also was kind of nervous because it's my first time doing one of these.

    Is nobody ever happy anymore?

    Anyways, Grover slaps.

    Grover Slaps.jpg

    Grover Slapps.jpg

    Grover Slapss.jpg

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    Why do I have to quadruple post here...?

    Worst character getting another dub:

    Worst Character Shworkin.jpg

    Worst Character Schworkin.jpg

    Worst Character Schworking.jpg

    Also smurfing gives me so many free dubs I almost feel like a bad person doing it.

    Smurfing = Free WIns.jpg

    Only L was because they had another smurf on the other team... 🤣 (And my team was of course new players)...

  • Seris-stat.PNG

    I enjoy Paladins, the Abyss consumes all 😀

  • An other glorious vitory

  • How good or bad a character does in a match, win or lose, depends on the player behind the character. How well a team does, win or lose, depends on each teammate's effort in the match.

    If you are the best on your team (wirh your chosen character), it will often mean very little if your team isn't doing their best.

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    Damage Seris be Like:

    DMG Seris Bee Like.jpg

    DMG Seris be like.jpg

    DMG Seriis Be Like.jpg

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    @Dusklicious said in September Happy Thread:

    smurfing gives me so many free dubs I almost feel like a bad person doing it.

    If you're going to play your main then you should feel guilty. Use the smurf account to practice your worst champions and roles. You'll likely still win anyway.

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    I have finally fudged with one of the tier list sites enough to make a workable Barik Card Tier List maker. Yay.

    Still had to go through an obnoxious, and repetitive one at a time approach, but it all worked out.

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    I thought it was only actually possible to live Zhin guillotine with Raum without using ults.

    Apparently Khan can too. Just requires you to press Q at the right moment. In fact Khan will only take a single hit from it if you time it perfectly.

    New Seris, Barik main. Same KDA with both.

    A show of how easy it is to get a high KDA with seris.jpg

    Honestly just shows you how easy it is to get a high KDA with her compared to other characters.

  • @Dusklicious Welcome to the club 😀
    She isn't that ez for most of the players anyways. Your KDA and winrate-above-50% are still the half of mine 😛

    I bought you two Ying matches. She totaly surpassed Seris.
    The first with Resonance:
    And the second with Focusing Lens:

  • @KicsitCsicska Ying is pretty easy, ngl. I honestly agree that she is easier than Seris when using Resonance.
    At least with Focusing Lens you have to hit your weapon shots, and at least with Life Exchange, you have to hit your heals. Resonance is literally, "my illusions automatically explode and deal auto-aim damage."

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    So I have a Discord server that isn't entirely empty, but still kind of empty. Guess that's a victory.

  • @Dusklicious ig so. I'm the one guy in your discord server btw lol

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    @SNIper-poTAto said in September Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious ig so. I'm the one guy in your discord server btw lol

    Yeah still nothing in it at all, but two people in a Discord server is still a pretty empty Discord server... 🤐

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    So I was looking for things to use for now as emotes for my Discord server when I came across this:

    Laser Eyes Barik.jpg

    EDIT for the sake of trying not to quadruple post in these threads again: There's unfortunately very little Barik-oriented emotes that I can really find.

  • Sacrifice is meta!
    I tried to kill as much as possible, and i got top heals somehow...

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    "Barik is Bad" - literally everyone on the Paladins Discord

    BaRiK iS bAaD.jpg

    BaRiK iS BaD.jpg

    BaRiIk Is BaD.jpg

    Honestly Barik is actually at least a top 5 tank if you turn your brain on. Since everyone plays point like they're playing Inara of course they aren't going to perform with a character that requires brain cells to play.

    EDIT: As of the edit, I've stomped 4 games in a row with this "BAD" character.

  • Bleu wall (without my main)

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    Seriously, though, how many times do I have to do this before the Barik dissers see they're wrong about him?

    Barik is soooo b.jpg

    Barik is soooo ba.jpg

    Barik is soooo bad.jpg

    And that is after getting Drog ulted 4 times.

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