September Rage Thread

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    Another Imani match... Can't people play to the end? Two of the enemies quit. Losers... Jenos complained that I let Raum attack him and then someone in his party gives me a commendation.. lol.


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    Again... FIX THE FRIGGIN GAME. Sha-lin was a bot most of the match. Maeve was somehow not a bot. Jenos must have crashed and came back. It's ridiculous.


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    Whoever thought Guillotine was a good idea should be fired from Evil Mojo and be barred from ever working as a game designer ever again.

    It's an uncounterable I win button that kills EVERYONE except Raum and maybe Khan in JUST the right circumstance. Drogoz's ult is fine because you can run away and shoot at him or bait it out. You also have the reaction time to use Fern ult, Ash ult, Zhin counter w/e source of temporary invincibility to counteract it.

    But Zhin's doesn't give you the chance to do any of what you can do against Drogoz ult. It's totally unfair and should be removed from the game. There's not even a way to make it fair without making it completely worthless... Just remove it already. I and every other tank player on the planet hates this ult, for good reason as I just explained.

  • PSA for everyone playing ranked games. Please don't be like this Androxus:

    Screenshot (405).png

    So my friend and I duo. Now I don't like to dps (I was the Lian this game) because it's too much pressure. You're expected to carry, and it would be fine if I were a dps main. But I'm a dps flex, so I'm not as good at the role. Now Androxus was a last pick who could have been an off tank to make a lot of space, or he could have been Io or Corvus to pocket us. Nope, he wanted to be Androxus. Our only saving grace was that Moji was a last pick idiot as well, and Imani wasn't good. Viktor was a nightmare and fucking me up, I'm not going to lie. Even worse because he had a Jenos pocket. The biggest saving grace was our Barik who was smart. He would do major peel for us and single-handedly won us the game due to how much he actually protected us. That also shows that you can lowkey carry a game as a tank, because we would have lost if it weren't for Barik.

    Another game where my duo and I had to carry, my duo was on Skye again and I was on Tyra:

    Screenshot (406).png

    A last pick Kinessa. I don't mind the Atlas pick too much because he controls the Dredge spam, and it was Ice Mines. Plus, Atlas helped us push in the end. Viktor was about to ult us all, and Atlas rewinded both him and Dredge back into base, and we pushed 4-2. When we go into 2021, I want us to leave that last pick "I dps" shit in the past. A lot of top picks don't even main dps, but they are flexing. This means they likely aren't as good compared to other dps, and they can't carry as easily. You going dps as a last pick only makes the game that much harder.

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    Huh, I guess this is the inverse of what I'm used to: EVERYONE BUT THE DPSES FED ON MY TEAM!

    A situation where the DPSes were actually the only ones with functioning brains.jpg

    Like I'm legit cringing looking at Ying's items. No Caut (ran damage), no morale boost... And Ruckus running ROCKET BARRAGE. You know, a talent that's actually 100% useless in EVERY POSSIBLE SITUATION. Also Direct Current Torv should ALWAYS rush Chronos. Always. And also no caut from torv either.

    Just absurd.

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    Looks at the Paladins Wiki saying that Inara and Barik have the same skill cap.

    Well there's your problem. Inara barely even has one and it can be reached by even DPS mains who never even play tank, which is part of why she's the best tank in the game. Barik on the other hand actually requires a bit more investment to master than some seem to think.

    Also Nessa apparently has "Medium Crowd Control" when she doesn't have really any Crowd Control at all... Mines aren't CC all they do is a little damage and reveal.

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    Q times...


    Is no items some sort of challenge?



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    @Vaporized said in September Rage Thread:

    Is no items some sort of challenge?

    A no item challenge could actually make for interesting content... 🤔

    Also I think I know why pros think Barik is bad... Just had a GM Barik that was absolutely horrendous. Like I was playing Andro and pretty much distracting their entire team and he still couldn't do anything. As I said before it's not really the character. I think it's a combination of people who have no idea how to play him remotely as well as they should, combined with a pocket meta that admittedly hurts him.

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    @Dusklicious said in September Rage Thread:

    A no item challenge could actually make for interesting content

    Seems they don't need a challenge for it...

    The bot problem needs to be fixed.. Forget balance and other bugs...bots are a nightmare.


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    This post is deleted!

  • @Dusklicious

    Well imo zhin is a lesser frontline, duelist assassin hybrid.
    He is a strong barrier bybass potential and a near perfect escape tools at the ready for mitigation of damage and enemy focus
    You missed the days that he was a perfect bodyshield.

    He is honestly the right mix of fern/grohk.

    I find his dps sloppy, I would like to charge but not hold strong attacks while having better primary light attack dps.

    But I do agree his ult talent is... bleh... something that I hate about flank design so far.
    Some ults are "fuck you I win" from respawn when they ought to be tactical stagger or persistance moves with a trade off imo.

    I would prefer less potential wombo combo team damage by banishing yourself and potential target foe to the shadow realm for the active duration.

    Safe isolation of target and self, making target foe unable to be healed, instead of an uber damage value.

    After all, Zhin is not the kind of character that would let his kill be interrupted until he is done right...

    It would be possible to boost life rip fot ult, but etherial vampires scare Dimitri...
    Maybe team mark (Hunters mark) a target after ult to refirm team participation as well..

    I'd see his ult take advantage of etherial and mobility kit aspects in an interesting manner rather then body drop cannon.

    The ult talent should not have such high raw potential damage, instead foucs on the potential window gained after ult does not connect with target.
    Brief damage amp after missing ult, greater ult charge return.

    But i digress, I am not a real fan of flanks until they gain utility foes in ways other then damage and self sustain. However zhin works due to etherial has its own level of oppression and safety in a team fight.

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    Okay if you instalock the best and easiest tank in the entire game in ranked (Inara) and feed super hard, that is a report.

    How do you even FEED to 0/6/1 in less than 6 minutes with a character with that level of sustain? How is that even POSSIBLE? Especially on a comp with a Gourd Damba...?

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    You had only Lian for DPS (you don't count). Both your supports went heal talents. Lian was probably fighting Andro most of the time. Inara was free food for that BK - really both of you.

    IMO, dead match and not Inara's fault.

  • Well we finally get another elf...

    But jeez, this whole batch of new champions is pretty edgelordian.

    Scythe Chick... we needed that weapon... but attached to that character...
    Its like sticking a death grimace on a plushy... egh...

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    It's nice that Vora's a, uhh, very edgy elf corrupted by a symbiotic probably alien parasite.

    But WE NEED MORE DWARVES! Barik's still all alone... 😞

  • @Dusklicious Characters are designed to be as different from eachother and from any other well-known characters in the popculture as possible. If they made similar character to anyone, ppl would say it's a copy.
    There are already many similarites among paladins champions and characters from other video games (Sha Lin is like Liu Kang from Mortal combat, but with a blow. There are also similar characters in LOL with released soon before their Paladins counterpart: Zhin, Dredge...)

    There are more than enaugh chmpions in this game. We need more maps, not champions. Mostly siege maps. We just play on the same maps all day...

    If you wanna play with more dwarves try out Heroes 5.5. It's free and has a fully dwarf fraction 😁

  • @KicsitCsicska
    Yeah but going so far to copy/paste scarlet from mortal combat is far from original...

    Most of the games greatest characters just need be simple yet effective in theme and playstyle to have a good gameplay loop.
    Yet characters that rely purely on cosmetics without having worthy gameplay to back it up do not really fit the role of the game IMO..

    Most characters these days are trending to fit a faction, fad or a role without having a the trope fantasy really nailed into character design or playstyle irk me.

    I miss the days of Knights, Dwarves and Dragons.
    Now we get Dragoncaller Elementalist, Ghost Pirate which could be 4 completely different trope character concepts.

    More so, champions are becoming this over detailed mess to look at. I agree that there was an era of champs like lex, jenos, viv and strix whose design is bland asf. But creating too detailed designs just detracts from the humble, folksy fantasy world.

    Imo characters should come with a basic tier skin, apprentice level skin, with possible purchasable skin on release which consists of a lore friendly war seasoned character skin.

    The primary design following the keep it simple stupid, trope fantasy class of character, the veteran skin being a battle hardened display of that fantasy role in all its glory.

  • I would like a she dwarf with a bulky deployable turret to hide behind.
    Hitscan slow chaingun or homing rocket, line of sight marker to show current hostile target.

    Primary auto shotgun.
    Altfire is a momentary target reveal that attracts turret attack priority when viable.

    Mobility is a teleport device with deployable hp, thrown like heavy grenade becomes deployable after set up time after floor contact.

    Ult is area of land mines.

    Already a better champ then viv...

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    Since smurfs are everywhere only fitting..

    New Barik skin:

    New champion:

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    Instead of Barik, Atlas, Torvald skins, we get THE WORST BP EVER! Not only are all the skins for DPS champions, but almost all of them are bad skins...

    Congratulations for catering to the DPS mains Evil Mojo. Leave us tank and support players in the dust.

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