September Rage Thread

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    You had only Lian for DPS (you don't count). Both your supports went heal talents. Lian was probably fighting Andro most of the time. Inara was free food for that BK - really both of you.

    IMO, dead match and not Inara's fault.

  • Well we finally get another elf...

    But jeez, this whole batch of new champions is pretty edgelordian.

    Scythe Chick... we needed that weapon... but attached to that character...
    Its like sticking a death grimace on a plushy... egh...

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    It's nice that Vora's a, uhh, very edgy elf corrupted by a symbiotic probably alien parasite.

    But WE NEED MORE DWARVES! Barik's still all alone... ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • @Dusklicious Characters are designed to be as different from eachother and from any other well-known characters in the popculture as possible. If they made similar character to anyone, ppl would say it's a copy.
    There are already many similarites among paladins champions and characters from other video games (Sha Lin is like Liu Kang from Mortal combat, but with a blow. There are also similar characters in LOL with released soon before their Paladins counterpart: Zhin, Dredge...)

    There are more than enaugh chmpions in this game. We need more maps, not champions. Mostly siege maps. We just play on the same maps all day...

    If you wanna play with more dwarves try out Heroes 5.5. It's free and has a fully dwarf fraction ๐Ÿ˜

  • @KicsitCsicska
    Yeah but going so far to copy/paste scarlet from mortal combat is far from original...

    Most of the games greatest characters just need be simple yet effective in theme and playstyle to have a good gameplay loop.
    Yet characters that rely purely on cosmetics without having worthy gameplay to back it up do not really fit the role of the game IMO..

    Most characters these days are trending to fit a faction, fad or a role without having a the trope fantasy really nailed into character design or playstyle irk me.

    I miss the days of Knights, Dwarves and Dragons.
    Now we get Dragoncaller Elementalist, Ghost Pirate which could be 4 completely different trope character concepts.

    More so, champions are becoming this over detailed mess to look at. I agree that there was an era of champs like lex, jenos, viv and strix whose design is bland asf. But creating too detailed designs just detracts from the humble, folksy fantasy world.

    Imo characters should come with a basic tier skin, apprentice level skin, with possible purchasable skin on release which consists of a lore friendly war seasoned character skin.

    The primary design following the keep it simple stupid, trope fantasy class of character, the veteran skin being a battle hardened display of that fantasy role in all its glory.

  • I would like a she dwarf with a bulky deployable turret to hide behind.
    Hitscan slow chaingun or homing rocket, line of sight marker to show current hostile target.

    Primary auto shotgun.
    Altfire is a momentary target reveal that attracts turret attack priority when viable.

    Mobility is a teleport device with deployable hp, thrown like heavy grenade becomes deployable after set up time after floor contact.

    Ult is area of land mines.

    Already a better champ then viv...

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    Since smurfs are everywhere only fitting..

    New Barik skin:

    New champion:

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    Instead of Barik, Atlas, Torvald skins, we get THE WORST BP EVER! Not only are all the skins for DPS champions, but almost all of them are bad skins...

    Congratulations for catering to the DPS mains Evil Mojo. Leave us tank and support players in the dust.

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    I posted a skin for you - see my prior post.

    Vora: WTF is that ultimate... OMFG

    Imani: Getting a buff to Splitting Ice via faster fire rate. Hmmm. Nerfed Pyromania damage - Ruins my sniper Imani with that talent.

    Inara took a decent hit.

    Lex: Sliding while air born? OMFG.

    Grover: Fixed an issue where Groverโ€™s Blossom VFX would remain in the world when he died until he respawned. About friggin time.

    They can change, fix, break, do whatever till the cows come home but what good is it all if people turn into bots.

  • I was mostly disappointed with this update show

    Battle pass

    Vivian and Tyra look stupid with modern guns in an rpg like fantasy battle pass. Bomb King just looks ugly. Zhin look good, and he's the only good skin in this battle pass. Yet I already have other skins for him that are also good, and I'm not getting this battle pass just for Zhin.


    Inara didn't need a nerf. Terminus still skates by. Vivian got a slap on the wrist once again.

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    @HeartQueen Apparently Tyra has been spending serious time at the gym.

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    Bad tank players that say you're bad because you're playing the game the way you should be make me want to buy a gun.

    And also the DPS mains that deal 20k every game and say everyone else is stupid.

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