September Rage Thread

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    This is what I'm talking about..

    Going back my last 10 matches:

    1. Win. 13 min. Enemy bot Moji - 40k dmg. Not a bot the entire match but a bot for some portion.
    2. Win. 7 min. Enemy bot Evie - 9k dmg. I recall waiting end of match to see if she left and she did... Maybe joined at the end?
    3. Win. 16 min. Ally Tiberius - 80k dmg. Don't know how long was a bot. Possible enemy Willo bot.
    4. Loss. 7 min. Can't tell how many of my teammates were bots or just bad.
    5. Loss. 8 min. I was a bot for don't remember how long.
    6. Win. 10 min. Enemy Drogoz bot. 16k dmg.
    7. Loss. 8 min. Ally Drogoz bot. 35k dmg.
    8. Win. 9 min. Ally Makoa bot. 16k dmg. Enemy had 3 bots maybe 4.
    9. Win. 10 min. Enemy Evie bot for some portion - 32k dmg.
    10. Win. 6 min. I was a bot for half the match - I did 20k dmg as Imani. Enemy had 1, possibly 3 bots. Got a skill commendation for this match - WTF, LMAO.

    At least 9 had a bot issue. Possible some were throwers or quitters but since most matches were under 10 minutes, likely bot.

    Is the countdown to zero problem gone at least?

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    Got to love those people that carry to 3-1 and then throw to lose the game.

    Had an Andro that swept their entire team on the second push, but after that fed to 9/14/10...

  • @Dusklicious said in September Rage Thread:

    matches are mostly determined if I have the throwing teammates or not.

    It sadly has ended up to that point.

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    Honestly... Obviously we won.. I (Fernando) sat on point, pushed and did a whopping 15k damage.


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    Why oh why do I deserve this comparably abysmal season winrate when I have, overall, better stats this season...

    Season 2:
    S2 WR.jpg
    Season 2 Stats.jpg

    Season 3:
    S3 WR.jpg
    Season 3 Stats.jpg

  • Damn I hate looking at Grover these days.
    Seems that everything I liked to play has been reworked to become less aggressive and passive.
    Except for Term...
    On average, Grover feels like an assist machine with poor hostility potential due to slightly underwhelming damage.

    Before his dps nerf he suffered from poor damage vs deployable anything, then they reduced the scaling of the hostility items, so whatever feeble damage you deal, you are not getting much of a hostility upgrade.
    Ask yourself, what does grover do vs ying who sits behind near infinite clones..?
    What does grover do vs +3k deployable assets?
    How is he expected to deal with them?
    He can't contribute much firepower quickly, that is still his major issue, made more apparent by the recent balance changes.
    Aside from that, now sustain is accessible at all tiers of caut, enemy sustain really digs into your dps if you miss a shot, on top of that, grover's weapon does not really suit cauterise, but it is required to deals with hp sustain that eats into his dps/fire rate.

    Unless we talk about how Grover still scales wrecker damage vs personal shields, which is a niche counter pick option that I think can be improved in itself to cater to more common gameplay features.

    Grover was a Chad Maeve/Jenos Tank Hybrid in Beta, High mobility, frontline cqc damage, heavy damage corridor suppressor from afar (just needs a fair max damage cap), good potential reset, just had issues with team synergy healing...
    Now heal synergy has somewhat improved, his synergy with elim CDR or mechanics to remove a chunk of CD quickly is a tad strong in the free reset department, worthy of a minor nerf.
    But since he lacks the ability to make kills or fight alone, it stays strong as allies have to obtain kills and fight cqc battles on his behalf..

    Honestly, I feel the mechanics for his healing resets to be not the best quality of life Grover atm. He as become too focused on taking out big chunks of his CD for heal consistency that he ends up being inconsistent in other areas.

    I just tire of this design of support.
    They used to be good brawlers, now I barely can say support and brawler in the same sentence, unless you state a good support that does not need their hand held.

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    I get it pros thought Tinkerin was better than it actually was, but did they really have to neuter it so much as to make it feel like a complete handicap compared to Archi or Fortify?

    D@mn Fortify being actually decent is still something to get used to... It was so bad for so long... But now it's Tinkerin that's useless, with the fact the slug does less damage than base...

    Also, how does a Vivian get outdamaged by a tank that's using a talent that makes them do less damage?

  • @Dusklicious I'm hardly ever lucky. If I want to win in casuals or rank up, the game forces me to be adjustable and/or hard carry.


    Like this fucking game! I go against a Diamond Furia and Grandmaster Viktor. While I have a Gold 5 last pick Tiberius on my team and a Platinum 4 Buck. Ying and Inara were Diamond players, so yeah... The game expects me to carry this shit.

    And I can never get a pocket, even with a pocket composition. Like I was Drogoz and some guy was Androxus. Other team mates were Torvald, Barik, and Jenos. So I'm thinking "wow. This is pretty toxic. Excited for the pocket though! 🙂 " Nope. Torvald pockets the fucking Barik on point, and Jenos pockets the Barik. Same when I get a Corvus. Had a Corvus give piss poor healing. Enemy Ying literally tripled his healing. And when we confronted him, and he used this excuse "you guys never dropped cauterize." I replied, "Fam, Fernando had his shield up, which is dropped cauterize. Also, what the fuck does cauterize have to do with the fact that an aim based support literally tripled your healing? You heal through walls and it's auto-aim!" Or when I'm a flank in a casual match, I get a stun Corvus. Or I'll get a Seris/Furia/Life Link Io, and they don't heal me. Yet expect me to hard carry them to a victory.

    I just don't get people who are bottom pick and complain about tanking. They are lucky! They just sit back and get free tp. Meanwhile the Universe wants me to brute force my way to a win in casuals or I have to fight hard for my tp in ranked.

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    Can we attract more players and keep them? Q times getting worse. This is NA. It was actually 2:12 before it popped. Excuse that I'm "smurfing" doesn't cut it - this account is level 102 now.


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    2 minute Q for this? Total shutout... Were they all bots?


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    Ok, how do you throw THIS hard with an overpowered character, ESPECIALLY when you have them over M30? 5k healing in an ENTIRE GAME playing IO...?

    How to throw as Io.jpg

    How to throw as Ioo.jpg

    ... When my third game Maeve still managed this when I was missing 2/3 of my daggers...?

    Third game maeve beats M30+ Io.jpg

    Wow such trash.jpg

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    @Dusklicious Ask IO in post above yours..

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    This was a loss. Damba complaining about insta lockers... You should be glad I did cause you would have been slaughtered far worse.


  • So I finally solo queue to diamond. I knew I would eventually get there. Would've been faster with my duo, but he was tripping. I don't know what's up with him lately.

    Anyway. Due to me being a solo queue, I'm used to having to play around every nightmare. Supports who tunnel vision to the tank and have bad positioning, and blame their shitty gameplay on the dps. I'm used to the first pick flank not doing shit. I'm used to tanks who stack point, make no space and spam "Attack!" or "Need healing!" No, you need a brain fam. I'm used to the "ban Talus or I afk" and "give me Viktor or I throw crowd." I'm used to the 'heartman' and 'heartwoman', the obvious duo, where one of them will support, and the other will either tank or dps. And they'll both suck ass and be complete garbage. I'm used to the people below me who want to main a sniper, but their aim is complete trash. Like fam, snipers have no utility other than their raw damage, so if you can't hit your shots, literally ANY OTHER CHAMPION IS BETTER.

    Yet, I wasn't prepared for the fuckery I dealt with yesterday. First off, I go against a grandmaster duo. Now this wouldn't be shocking. They often put diamond players in grandmaster lobbies. Yet, I was first pick, and going against a grandmaster duo. Oh, and I had a "ban Skye or I throw" person. Now I listened because even though Androxus is a problem, most diamond Androxus players aren't very good if I'm being honest. Yet we were against a grandmaster duo, and one of them picked Androxus, and farmed our entire team.

    So match-making decides that my next game should also be against a grandmaster, and I have a Gold 1 person on my team saying "please let me be Koga." And he wasn't even last pick! lol. And a fucking solar blessing Furia. "Earn your diamond and stop complaining!" So I have to maintain my diamond rank by going against grandmasters with a Gold 1 "dps or I throw" person and a solar blessing Furia that only heals tanks? "You didn't have to be dps!" Oh, and our 7-11 Koga was such a find contender for that. I clearly should have given dps to another bottom pick. Such genius! I have to wonder why that person is level 738 and hardstuck in Platinum V on console and Silver V on keyboard and mouse.
    They're so smart, and should totally be a higher rank! 🙃

    Next game I have to dps against other diamond players with Lian. Spoiler alert, I wreck them. And according to match-making for me! When I wrecker other diamond players, that means I can carry against grandmasters with a solar blessing Furia on my team! Brilliant system there. Seriously though, who teaches Furia players to go beam heals. Beam heals are fucking ass people. These solar blessing Furia players literally only get half the healing of the other support, and go on thinking that solar blessing is still good. I've seen a support TRIPLE the healing of a solar blessing Furia. That talent is ass people!

    Then I also go against diamond players, with 3 qualifiers on my team that are all below level 40. One of them had an account level of 18, and picked a level 3 Lex. That was a team wipe. Wtf could I do in that case?

    So I win some and I lose some. Still stagnating at diamond 5. Because the game puts me as a top pick against grandmasters, and then I'll win when I'm against other diamond or platinum players. At this point, I win or lose when it's decided by match-making.

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    Last pick last match... Ugh...

    So we have four picks: a Jenos, Ash, Inara, Lian... Last pick could have just picked a second support, and we'd have had really good sustain and have been able to easily beat out a Barik/Term front. What does last pick do instead...? Pick Talus...

    Okay, that could work right? Well, end game results screen and I see a 7/18/2 KDA, 23k less damage than me (Inara), and this is with Ash giving Talus PLENTY of space to go in on their support or DPS... But nope, he just dies and does no damage...

    Can't we just not throw so much... I'm in f***ing Diamond for f***'s sake and these morons are wasting my time and screwing my ELO with their throwing...

    And the game before that I was against a team that managed to lose with a smurfing nessa with almost perfect aim... Just how... It was pretty much like a slaughterfest for two rounds, and then I flanked the nessa and it was an easy win...

    It's almost as if it only matters whether it's my team or their team that's trash and my individual performance factors almost none. I mean what else explains a solo Barik 4-0ing in Ranked against Plats and Diamonds... (Doesn't help I'm a legit Barik god)...

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    Ugh if you don't know how to play off-tank don't play ranked. And don't blame the point for your idiocy.

    Also learning I'm legit trash at comms. Like VGS just works better for me.

    Also is just me or is push-to-talk bugged as f***...? Like I don't even have to press the bind for anything to go through. Like it will just transmit literally every sound I make.

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    Some days it's better to just not Q... Yesterday I got an incredible number of throwers, afks and trolls. One even said they are paid to troll. Probably joking but you never know these days.

    I think I'm going to just insta lock my worst possible choices and let them all deal with it. It is a throw away account so WTF. Besides, It's not like the report system does a damn thing. I've still yet to receive one single confirmation for over a year that any action has ever been taken. Even the latest racist report never did anything.

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    @Dusklicious said in September Happy Thread:

    I will likely start posting videos for Paladins sometime next week after my mic comes in. 🙂

    Starting to realize there's a reason why I said "will likely" instead of just "will." If push-to-talk wasn't absurdly buggy and sometimes straight-up doesn't work properly, I'd probably be there now. But nope.

    Evil Mojo, please fix it or if I get in the AoC next year (unlikely is an understatement), I will tell you to.

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    WHAT? XD

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    One thing I hate about Corvus:

    If your entire team is throwing, he's legitimately useless. Like the reason why Corv is so good completely goes out the window. And apparently them throwing will be on you even if you're playing one of the most team-dependent characters in the entire game.

    If there's even one good player on your team, you can still keep the mark on them and they'll still have 25% free lifesteal and 12% free movement speed. But if not...

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