September Rage Thread

  • @Dusklicious I've already learned that if we lose always the supporter is the trash.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in September Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious I've already learned that if we lose always the supporter is the trash.

    Well that's what the DPS mains will tell you. It's always the tank or the healer when more often than not they're at fault.

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    I'll blame you (role not important) if you're ever on my team 🙂

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    So according to the Paladins Discord I'm apparently delusional for trying to say that point tanks shouldn't just face tank everything, and that Barik is actually good point AND off BOTH if you stop playing him like he's Inara.

    What they don't realize is that THEY'RE the delusional ones with NO experience on the subject... I mean they say that damage doesn't matter for a tank, which is downright laughable. At that point you might as well say that Term and Inara are the only viable tanks in the game because their sustain is better and that's the only thing that matters... Also tried to argue about how useful Barik's jump actually is and it's apparently "bad". Lolwutno. Jump techs with Barik are pretty much ESSENTIAL to mastering the character. Also in the process of arguing about how he "does no damage" (lol he legit has the second best damage output of any tank in the entire game) they contradicted themselves saying he's "all damage" (which isn't true either, because he is top 3 in the CLASS when it comes to mobility, and his shield is STILL top half).

    Like my goodness they can't have more than f***ing two functioning brain cells to argue what I've seen argued. All these morons ought to just stay on Reddit with the rest of their idiot kind. I mean if you think you know more about my main than I do you're probably wrong, considering I've beated Kresnik's (You know the player they think knows absolutely everything about the game) Barik TWICE with mine (actually a 2-0 record in fact, because I've played against it only twice), at least one of which was probably on his stream. And I've mained him since OPEN F***ING BETA. Arguing with these people is almost as bad as trying to reason with one particular toxic member of the forum that's since left.

    It's like they think every point tank should be an Inara clone or else it's bad. F***ing cancerous pieces of $#!+ just exemplify how toxic the community actually is. These are the kinds of people that look at pro tierlists and think that means they know more than everyone else all of a sudden. Pro tierlists RARELY ever make any sense or jive with my experiences playing the game, even in Diamond+. Atlas is somehow better than half the tanks in the game when he's only situationally useful and he STILL has the worst tank ult in the entire game? Ok. And we'll trust these people with every judgment.

    At least they aren't quite as bad as Bird's old tier lists, but they're still pretty ridiculous to me. It's almost like most high level players opinions... AREN'T FACTUAL! Who would have guessed? Anyone who isn't another Reddit level sheep?

    So I had one of those high level players on my team throwing a casual game. Nice. A PPL player actually.

  • this bounty store is so annoying and one knows how really works and they duplicate skins....still buggy with wrong title and timer....
    p.s. I see andro steam I see academic skye but the title of the skin is Raven (strix skin)

    p.s. 2 And now is new skin with torvald clock omg...

  • @HeartQueen
    No champ hard counters Androxus

    That map is really hard to flank snipers on though. Master riding is madatory to get any kinda flanking on that map.

    Even though your team may have expexted more Androuxs that you have skill for. If there was no counters on your team and you said screw it i cant do it, its to hard you gave up.

    You could have at minimum got some practice using Andro. That GM Strix beat you with the title GM because you didnt even try to outplay them.

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    Oh don't you love people that throw JUST BECAUSE you picked Torvald, in a CASUAL ONSLAUGHT GAME?

    Like it makes them look bad when their kdas are all worse than Torvs are.... It's like, he's the worst champion in the whole game and he's outperforming actually good characters in a match where he can't even pocket...

    I think it's official: I'm going to trust almost nobody to play Willo in ranked, ever. Willo is such a bad pick in almost every situation. Like I will legitimately dodge before letting people play Willo on my team, because she's just such an atrociously terrible and worthless champion. It's especially bad when you pick Willo instead of a SECOND TANK and your first tank is against THREE COUNTERS... (Barik v Cripple Inara, Raum, and Damage Grohk)

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    I really enjoy having GMs and Masters on my team that have no idea what teamwork is in my ranked games.

  • @Shadowpuppy ???

    Fam, on console, an aim assist Viktor completely fucks Androxus. He literally outranges Androxus and his grenade and ult goes around reversal. If you think that a Diamond 5 Androxus on console is going to do well against a grandmaster Viktor on console, then boy do I have a bridge to sell you. Even if you look at pro tournaments, the console Viktor players usually melt Androxus unless the Androxus really outplays them or they get the Viktor when they're low. It was especially made hard when he had a Strix next to him, and they were getting an Io pocket. So even if I were to theoretically outplay one of them, the other would just burst me down at the best case scenario. Worst case scenario, they both look at me and melt me down in 1 second.

    I guess I do have to practice with Androxus, but it was just a shock to me. I've never seen someone expect a bottom pick to try to carry a ranked game as a flank. Usually it's considered a throw pick for the last pick to go flank. Yet in the few games that I've had with masters and grandmasters, it was weirdly expected of me. I probably could just also go back to Buck and start learning to play him in high elo games. Buck counters Viktor, Androxus, and snipers, so that's a relief.

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    When somebody else wants to ruin your main because they don't know how to play them be like: ☹

    Because clearly Barik should be the same as Inara and Term, and because clearly a short hurtbox is NEVER able to be used to your advantage... When I do it all the time...

    And now somebody has blamed me picking Barik for THEM throwing ranked. Well that's a report. A Lian that can't outdamage a Barik having to OT a sniper on Frog. I mean I'd actually say Lian is the bad pick if anything, ESPECIALLY INTO BURSTY COMPS. Lian is actually a bottom 5 damage right now, just because she can't take burst.

    @HeartQueen Huh because on PC Andro generally can just farm the Vik pretty easily. Granted on PC Andro is the best flank right now. On console I think it's probably Talus, but I don't know the console meta that well.

  • @HeartQueen if you can get viktor and strix to look at and watch for you as a flank you are doing your job. Outplay does not mean kill. You can outplay people without even shooting.

    It is clear to me that you have the knowlede of match ups, you juat need to open up your mind to how you can use that to win matched.

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    Looking at a lot of these PPL tierlists on Guru makes me think the people who made them were high on something...

    Ruckus "the best off-tank in the game right now", Torvald and Bomb King in the same tier, Pip in S... Just what in the f*** am I even looking at...?

    The Ruckus claim is the one with the most validity and even then it's only plausibly close to true in terms of skill ceilings. Below Diamond, Ruckus is almost as bad as Torvald. Torvald is legit the worst champion in the whole game and BK is the best blaster in the game, they're nowhere even close, and Pip is worse than Grohk pretty much all the way below Diamond. In fact, almost EVERYONE I've seen justifiably considers Pip a THROW PICK.

    EDIT: Also atlas is "worth banning"... 😆 Atlas is only situationally good, and is pretty much always not worth picking before mid-draft, and even then he needs certain maps and to be against certain champs (one which I'll acknowledge is the ACTUAL best OT in the game right now). When Atlas isn't good, he's on par with Khan.

    Oh and I just have to add they think Damba is better than CORVUS. F*** it gets pretty delusional.

    I mean seriously these people are willing to say Ruckus is the best OT in the game, but yet Barik doesn't have enough sustain to compete? Barik sustains WAY BETTER THAN RUCKUS DOES!

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    Kind of unfortunate the Turtle never really made it into the meta. In fact, if anything, he managed to get worse in the meta. With Atlas and Fern both now being viable competitively thanks to their buffs, Koa is just being left further behind...

    I mean sure he'll get buffs but I'm not so sure if they'll really be enough to put him on the map. He got buffed SO MUCH last patch, but yet he ended up no better than before...

  • @Shadowpuppy said in September Rage Thread:

    @HeartQueen if you can get viktor and strix to look at and watch for you as a flank you are doing your job. Outplay does not mean kill. You can outplay people without even shooting.

    It is clear to me that you have the knowlede of match ups, you juat need to open up your mind to how you can use that to win matched.

    Or... My team could have drafted better instead of looking for a scapegoat??? Unless you're delusional enough to think that a Diamond 5 could possibly outplay grand masters and masters. That's literally like having a Silver player try to dps against Gold and Platinum players. 9/10 it ends in failure due to lack of game sense and mechanical skill.

    These idiots knew their draft was fucked, so they looked for someone to scapegoat. Lian knowingly picked Lian against Ruckus and Barik, 2 shield tanks, and against Strix and Viktor. Lian kept dying as wasn't effective. Almost like Lian wasn't the right pick for the draft! Instead of admitting their screw up, they wanted to blame someone else. "I can't peek a Strix and Viktor as Lian." Well maybe Lian wasn't the right pick! But no, the draft could have been saved if last pick went Androxus!

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    Somehow Inara has one of my worst KDAs this season and the worst out of the entire frontline class INCLUDING TORVALD (though Torv, Ruckus, and Khan all have worst winrates)... Thanks to having throwing teammates every other time I try to play her in ranked... Doesn't help she's too boring for me to play in casuals. She also has my 6th worst out of EVERYONE...

    Why I hate playing Inara.jpg

    Whyy I HATE playing Inara.jpg

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    GM Viv with a team that's too heavy to carry? Feels. Bad. Man.


    Not angry, just VERY disappointed my team couldn't win when I was carrying the $#!+ out of them. Though the fact I did almost as much damage as both DPSes COMBINED tells you something I think (they were kinda no good). Didn't help Talus blamed the Jenos for the fact he couldn't flank them.

    Also main heal Seris feels legitimately AWFUL to play. Soul Collector off-heal is the only way that's remotely tolerable and the only way that actually works in my experience.

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    First time Qing a match in like a week... What do I get? Waited 2:45 for this shit.


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    This post is deleted!

  • Imagine being bad with Corvus and Jenos. I just don't understand it. They are literally the easiest champions to play in the game, yet people are bad with them.

    Another thing I don't get is Vivian players getting their shit bashed in by Skye. I could understand if the Vivian was struggling with a Viktor or a Bomb King, but a fucking Skye? Your entire kit literally counters her!

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    First onslaught match in forever... Feels bad to lose against a bot Moji - either that or person crashed and didn't know how to pick the talent after.


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