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    @Dusklicious Some Vivian players are just bad, no throwing needed. You need at least 2 braincells to play Vivian, and some people don't even have that. I remember having to give a loadout to a Vivian player because Skye of all people was eating her shit.

    True, I mean people mostly play Vivian because she's so f***ing easy to play and make work. I mean on console I'm surprised she isn't picked all the time, because in theory she should be pretty much as good as Corvus is.

    The Vivian that got farmed was a console player, so big oof.

    Also, people look down on players who play Vivian in casual matches if they're at least level 20, because she's so brain dead and effective. Now you have some Vivian players who don't give a shit, and they'll have a pocket just to rub it in. But for the most part, people in casuals or in stacks tend to stay away from her for that very reason.

    All I'll say is: at least I know, for a fact, Vivian is getting nerfed so that MAYBE, just MAYBE she won't hard counter her own counters.

  • @Dusklicious I'm personally excited for that nerf. Maybe I can play her and look at my Daywalker skin without having to face scrutiny from my fellow console players. lol.

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    @HeartQueen said in September Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious I'm personally excited for that nerf. Maybe I can play her and look at my Daywalker skin without having to face scrutiny from my fellow console players. lol.

    Yeah maybe she'll get enough of a nerf to not be meta anymore. That's the hope. Which is a possibility because I also happen to know that there will be a Corvus Grand Design nerf.

    Also @KicsitCsicska Even pro players put her among the best in the game. Even if I find myself massively disagreeing with their lists most of the time because they rarely make too much sense to me. And this is a character that requires a grand total of 3 brain cells to play. < From an EU PCML player (Even if like half of his placements below S are hilariously wrong to me).

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    Okay. If you one trick Strix, how could you POSSIBLY lose on Frog Isle?


  • @Dusklicious This tier list is ridiculos. Ruckus on the top. Jenos over Corvus. Vivian above Seris...

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    @KicsitCsicska said in September Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious This tier list is ridiculos. Ruckus on the top. Jenos over Corvus. Vivian above Seris...

    Barik as a bottom 5 character is probably the worst part. 😉

    Though really imho he should be in the same tier as Atlas or Raum. I mean seriously, he should NOT whatsoever be in the same tier as Dredge who's totally and completely unviable on most of the rotation, and legit FLANK BAIT. I can respect maybe at LOWEST an A_ placement (in Guru format of course) for Barik. At lowest.

    I bet I could see EXACTLY where a lot of these pro players go wrong if I watched them play or f*** just looked at their loadouts.

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    Even I couldn't carry this shit. Dumb as shit Barik, unaware Jenos, and a shit Moji. Barik be like "capture the objective" aka "stack the point" when stacking point gave Jenos a triple kill because Jenos, Moji, and Barik decided to just stack point while Terminus and I were zoning. Fucking laughable. Then the Moji who just hardcore fed the entire game. Jenos literally never got illuminate, even thought Skye flanked him all game. I had to max out illuminate just to protect him from the Skye, only for him to die to the enemy Jenos. I tried to work with Terminus because he seemed to be the only one doing something, but we just couldn't carry this game.

  • @Dusklicious That list for the most part is a joke. I'll make a console tier list myself by class.

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    @HeartQueen said in September Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious That list for the most part is a joke. I'll make a console tier list myself by class.

    I will say, the competitive environment isn't QUITE the same as ranked (Ruckus and Torv tank-wise are both a ways better in coordinated teams), but I really don't think it's so different as that list is from my perceptions... Like at least half of those placements are just way, way off from my experiences in ranked. I am considering making a tier list for tanks on PC and posting it on YT maybe a week or two from now. I also have made a general list but never published it (instead have it as a screenshot) on Guru.


    I posted my tier list organized by class for console. Going to be different from PC slightly when you factor in aim assist and all that jazz.

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    FIX THIS FRIGGIN GAME... First match.. I wait 2 minutes and get a Ying and Zhin bot. How I friggin won is beyond me.



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    Can I just not get feeders and MUs into cripple Inara and crush Term so I can flex my Barik KDA/WR? Like I have won 2 out of the last 7 games...

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    Another Imani match... Can't people play to the end? Two of the enemies quit. Losers... Jenos complained that I let Raum attack him and then someone in his party gives me a commendation.. lol.


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    Again... FIX THE FRIGGIN GAME. Sha-lin was a bot most of the match. Maeve was somehow not a bot. Jenos must have crashed and came back. It's ridiculous.


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    Whoever thought Guillotine was a good idea should be fired from Evil Mojo and be barred from ever working as a game designer ever again.

    It's an uncounterable I win button that kills EVERYONE except Raum and maybe Khan in JUST the right circumstance. Drogoz's ult is fine because you can run away and shoot at him or bait it out. You also have the reaction time to use Fern ult, Ash ult, Zhin counter w/e source of temporary invincibility to counteract it.

    But Zhin's doesn't give you the chance to do any of what you can do against Drogoz ult. It's totally unfair and should be removed from the game. There's not even a way to make it fair without making it completely worthless... Just remove it already. I and every other tank player on the planet hates this ult, for good reason as I just explained.

  • PSA for everyone playing ranked games. Please don't be like this Androxus:

    Screenshot (405).png

    So my friend and I duo. Now I don't like to dps (I was the Lian this game) because it's too much pressure. You're expected to carry, and it would be fine if I were a dps main. But I'm a dps flex, so I'm not as good at the role. Now Androxus was a last pick who could have been an off tank to make a lot of space, or he could have been Io or Corvus to pocket us. Nope, he wanted to be Androxus. Our only saving grace was that Moji was a last pick idiot as well, and Imani wasn't good. Viktor was a nightmare and fucking me up, I'm not going to lie. Even worse because he had a Jenos pocket. The biggest saving grace was our Barik who was smart. He would do major peel for us and single-handedly won us the game due to how much he actually protected us. That also shows that you can lowkey carry a game as a tank, because we would have lost if it weren't for Barik.

    Another game where my duo and I had to carry, my duo was on Skye again and I was on Tyra:

    Screenshot (406).png

    A last pick Kinessa. I don't mind the Atlas pick too much because he controls the Dredge spam, and it was Ice Mines. Plus, Atlas helped us push in the end. Viktor was about to ult us all, and Atlas rewinded both him and Dredge back into base, and we pushed 4-2. When we go into 2021, I want us to leave that last pick "I dps" shit in the past. A lot of top picks don't even main dps, but they are flexing. This means they likely aren't as good compared to other dps, and they can't carry as easily. You going dps as a last pick only makes the game that much harder.

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    Huh, I guess this is the inverse of what I'm used to: EVERYONE BUT THE DPSES FED ON MY TEAM!

    A situation where the DPSes were actually the only ones with functioning brains.jpg

    Like I'm legit cringing looking at Ying's items. No Caut (ran damage), no morale boost... And Ruckus running ROCKET BARRAGE. You know, a talent that's actually 100% useless in EVERY POSSIBLE SITUATION. Also Direct Current Torv should ALWAYS rush Chronos. Always. And also no caut from torv either.

    Just absurd.

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    Looks at the Paladins Wiki saying that Inara and Barik have the same skill cap.

    Well there's your problem. Inara barely even has one and it can be reached by even DPS mains who never even play tank, which is part of why she's the best tank in the game. Barik on the other hand actually requires a bit more investment to master than some seem to think.

    Also Nessa apparently has "Medium Crowd Control" when she doesn't have really any Crowd Control at all... Mines aren't CC all they do is a little damage and reveal.

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    Q times...


    Is no items some sort of challenge?



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    @Vaporized said in September Rage Thread:

    Is no items some sort of challenge?

    A no item challenge could actually make for interesting content... 🤔

    Also I think I know why pros think Barik is bad... Just had a GM Barik that was absolutely horrendous. Like I was playing Andro and pretty much distracting their entire team and he still couldn't do anything. As I said before it's not really the character. I think it's a combination of people who have no idea how to play him remotely as well as they should, combined with a pocket meta that admittedly hurts him.

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