It's been two months, Hi-Rez...

  • My account was suspended back in 2017 due to a refund on my account for gems, I was given an email by a moderator at the time, saying if I paid the amount due, I'd be unbanned. I have reopened this ticket as of the beginning of July, submitted it again in August, and have yet to have any sort of response to it.

    This is absolutely horrendous customer service, you're telling me there's not enough GM's to read a ticket that's been up for two months now? I mean come on, I'm fine with 2 weeks, a month, a month and a half at worse, but now it's just getting rediculous.

    It feels as if support isn't even trying, and my issue is a billing issue, so you'd think it'd be taken more seriously than the common "My account was banned for no reason!" I quite literally had no idea of my suspension until I recovered my former email for this account. It's insane, anyone else been having similar problems with the support ticket system? Completely flawed imo.

  • To top this all off, I have over 400 dollars of skins on the account that is suspended, all paid for, no purchase problems. I've been a loyal, and PAYING customer for years now, this really sucks.

    So many limited and exclusive skins gone with the wind...

  • Moderator

    I don't think there are unbans for money.

    If after a month you have not received a response from the support, you must send the support ticket again. This is probably the only option.


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