Hitscan versus Projectile

  • Hi!
    Hitscan champs are still dominate most of the situations not just against blasters, but against any projectile champions. To solve it I suggest to add two simple balance changes:
    -Reduce the headshot damage bonus 50% -> 40%,
    -Increase the projectile speeds by 20%.

  • @KicsitCsicska Projectile champions like maeve have no dropoff, meaning that theyre more potent at poking than for example an andro. Also, blasters are made for chokepoints and to punish enemies grouping up. Let's be real, a hitscan splash would be kinda broken. I do think that the dropoff on some hitscans needs to be nerfed, to really contrast with the poke from projectile champions. Before Andro's dropoff buff he wasn't really used all that much, now hes viable in almost every comp on almost every map.

  • Here's some thoughts.

    All a wise player needs to consider is average dps provided by hit consistency of +1200k dps hitscan champs compared to 850 blasters.

    Depending on the refire rate, prefire time, projectile size and splash damage... you get an attack dps that is ineffective past a certain range at certain angles.
    Whereas Hitscan and characters with an insane range potential are effective at any range and will always provide hitscan trait effects such as dismount and instant application of damage.

    An 850 explosive is not as potent per shot then the +1.2K shred, nor will it deal damage to multiple targets on average per shot to compensate for its lack of dps...

    That said some characters have massive area damage ults that also act as potential area instant kills, that could be toned back to apply some damage over time pressure, lock up / down / exile+damage over duration type pressure mechanics.

    Somewhere a discussion colab discussion on considering how far you can set hitscan damage or large area damage from singular source alone.

    • Personally I like the concept of projectiles without splash getting more damage the greater the distance travelled, but ideal min max damage capping would be needed.

    • Bullet Hitscan having greater damage falloff over range.

    • Explosives getting a clear definition of average splash damage size for multi foe blasting reasons.

    Personally I believe that more damage abilities should be granted offensive store item capabilities and/or apply debuff traits that have synergy with the primary attack mechanic, instead of the primary attack dps or ability dps being outright too daft.

    I feel that average Hitscan Dps should be 1k-1.2kish average values, scaling to 450-850 dps after max falloff ranges, depending on their designated suppressor/sniper class ample range.

    The character should be assisted by other kit features that benefit the primary fire dps, allowing them (temporarily boost damage / ability stagger / better frag window) sort of momentary pain mechanics, or options to grant the team temporary Battle Information to outmanoeuvre the enemy.

    On that note, a damage class should not operate on firepower alone, instead offer damage utility and alternate pathways of shutting down team dynamic approach with talents that alter a main ability to be somewhat troublesome in a meta game way...


    On design side note, Certain Damage over time effect designs such as burning / poison could gain a stacking mechanic, allowing it to have greater effect the longer / greater the stack magnitude has been applied. Allowing team synergy to support the continued effects of stacked debuff, thus providing the game more effect damage.

    Certain weapons, abilities, classes could be limited to providing one stack, while others try and push it further for a moment as it will take less time to amass 3 stacks of effect damage if 1 is applied by another champion.

    Damage types should be given a characteristic, not just blast and direct. Depending on class of ability it could be given less initial damage but be given other game effects and/or work with store item abilities.

    • Explosives could provide anti heal+burn duration, possibly reducing the effects of DR of a duration.

    • Poison could provide lower levels of anti heal depending on application method, possibly slowing the cooldown time / resource recovery of abilities.

    • Abyssal Ult Explosions could exile the enemy upon reaching max stack, with better design it could stagger both healing and Cooldown timers for the duration.

    All hidden values of Atk Up, Slow, Regen, Haste, DR Resistance, could be visually indicated and mitigated by a x3 stacking system would give clear indication to the current approximate value of the buff/debuff you are influenced by, akin to how cauterise works with severity levels.

  • Projectiles are supposed to fire slow. Fire slow, but they make up for it by having no damage drop off.

    However, the problem is the current meta. It's a hitscan meta because due to the reduced power of cauterize, you need those champions who can supply a constant effect of cauterize. Also, off tanks were weakened, and off tanks were a huge counter to hitscans. Then you have hitscan mains whining about how overpowered blasters are. Seriously, I play Lian and Viktor, and my aim isn't even all that good, yet I still shoot Willo players out of the sky. Or I force them to retreat behind cover because they aren't used to people who can hit them apparently. Yet hitscan mains continue to want their hands held, similar to Maeve mains and Terminus mains.

    Then you have the argument of skill vs no skill. People think that blasters take no skill. "Just go Royal Subjects Bomb King and spam bombs like Dredge!" So, yeah... People don't want them to be strong because people find them easy to play.

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