Giving up the match

  • Hi!
    Many matches are determinated coz of poor matchmaking, feeders, team morale (harassment in the team) or just one of the teams have a bot player. (I've already wrote about how to solve the bot problem)
    I think giving up a match could save time for us.
    The giving up is happens, when the majority of the team (3 players) voted for this.
    I also recommened an other step what isn't in any other videogames yet. If a team gave up the match continues with the following balance change: the winner team loses all of their items and credits. So the weaker team could have a second opportunity to win, without starting a new match, and wasting even more time. If one of the teams gave up again, the match would end.

  • This would actually be a way to prevent spawncamping. Spawncamping is basically when the team doesn't cap point, and goes into the enemy's spawn to farm them for like 20+ minutes. A way to prevent it would be a surrender system.

    Then again, I can understand if they don't want people to just quit because of losing. So I would propose an emergency system of sorts. Like the point would automatically cap for the last team who touched the point, after like 2 minutes. Or an emergency exit that only happens when a team has a bot or more.

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    No.....if theirs a option on that what is the purpose on winning and losing if you give up on every single match thats not fun on either sides

    If this happen the game will be just a rage quit match up

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    If it could be implemented in a way that wouldn't make the game more toxic than it already is, surrender voting may actually be a pretty decent feature to add...

  • I've said this before and I'll say it now and again in the future. Surrendering a match will interfere with some players trying to complete a challenge or earn an achievement. Some players may have a limited time for playing and may find either team continuously surrendering. And then some players may surrender for the express purpose of upsetting other players.

    If anyone feels that a match may be too tough for them, just quit. Consider quitting as a way of surrendering. Having a surrender option will only create more pissed off players who may be trying to get three matches in before going to sleep. Surrendering may increase the wait time between matches before a more "suitable" match is found.

    Personally, I would rather be playing multiple good/bad matches than wait for one that some players may vote to surrender (for fun or fear).

  • @roiwtto999 @Conrad_Max

    It doesn't have to be a surrender button all the time. What about cases of spawntrapping for 20 minutes? Shouldn't there be an option to mercy end a match such as that. If not surrendering, at the very least have it cap after 2 minutes for the last team that touched it.

    If not a surrender button, at least answer with more suitable solutions for that scenarios instead of "surrender button bad, hurr durr!"

  • Question is, casual to combat random, or ranked for serious level gameplay.
    Both is fair, but how its implemented is key.
    Because both can annoy people.

    Getting a call for surrender mid overtime to me is like....
    You get the deal..

    For siege at least.
    A window at the start of each round after the first would be an alright optional choice.
    Therefore a round must be played in order for a surrender to be optional, even then it must be done in the starting phase of a round in order to be called.

    In future ranked gamemodes in general, a team should have multiple round style design with windows in order the players to have moments of clarity for tactical discussion and clear opportunities for item purchase, while games are proven over a few trials of the same combat rather then one continuous shitstorm.

    I find the game design behind base defence to be questionable still.
    Certain maps aside, I find that you are not given much of an advantaged window right outside your door.
    The benefits of spawn do not really cater to the bottleneck the spawn often provides.
    If you have a window to push to the enemy spawn door, with enough fire power you have opportunity to stagger out a game from the start of match, trapping foes in spawn, collecting key characters until the game progression requires the point to be activated and cart pushed.
    When a team has the advantage and takes all the time in the world to push the cart, you do not want to linger around on those games.
    Spending time waiting for your comrades to back you up as you fight a 2v1 outside your door... or watching them flee around the foes while you stay limited to an area is lack of teamplay costing you map progression...

    What I am getting at here is that certain bases could use some close quarters denial features to hinder players who backfoot a team so, all progress is hindered for the rest of the round due to the narrow design of some spawn door locations that fit in one field of view unless one can pass a shooting gallery to collect skulls and stagger the enemy. These defences could be deactivated once the point is captured, or the playload reaches potential checkpoints.
    The idea being, a better foothold around spawn without hindering the payload push.
    If players had base environment zoning, it would provide hindrance to characters who can simply sit outside spawn and attempt to hardcc you or displace you.
    If a team is harder to push into spawn, does not feel so alone when on the backfoot of the round, their desire to surrender should only be reserved for the truly crushing an impossible defeats.

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    Play every match all i see every 10min hurr duurr!

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  • The thing is, if half wants a surrender and other half doesnt want surrender to happen. Then everyone's stuck with lots throwing because mm is seriously fucked up in casual.

    Besides, why can't the game just show the player's ranks in casual instead of being something to be looked post match when everything went apeshit?

  • If you can’t stand losing in a casual video game, you may need some serious reevaluation into why you are playing in the first place.

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    @Palebane420 i hate people want to surrender its ok on moba cause its a very long game while paladin not even that long theirs not a single FPS got a surrender mechanics at all

  • @Palebane420 Let's ignore the stories of people who actually get spawn trapped for extended periods of time! Look, I don't like quitting at all. Even when people tilt after the first point loss or the first 0-2, I still try to do something and play the game. My team in a ranked game tried our damnest and squeezed the game to a 3v4 loss when one person on our team was literally throwing on purpose. So we're not quitters by any means.

    At the same time, I try do look at other people's perspectives instead of just looking at it from my own. People have told stories of being spawn trapped for up to an hour that can't be ignored, simply because of a moral high ground of "never quit.". People have admitted to spawn trapping another team for like 30 minutes straight. In that case, wouldn't an emergency exit be plausible? Or at the very least, have a mechanic that caps point for the last team that touched after 2 minutes if you don't want an "exit" button so to speak.

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    @HeartQueen then dont solo charge outside w8 for full team

  • @roiwtto999 No, they spawn trap the entire team. Spawn trapping is done by a superior team to a less talented team. And when they're inside for long enough, the game cuts out for them and turns them into bots. They go back in, still spawn trapped.

    This is stuff that the "no quitters in this game!" audience doesn't think about. An emergency exit button might not be the right option, but at the very least have a mechanic to automatically cap to prevent stuff like that. People on Reddit are bragging about spawn trapping saying shit like "if Hirez wanted to stop it, they would have measures used to prevent it." People have told stories about how the enemy team spawn trapped them for 50 minutes straight.

    You're literally not thinking about anyone else. You're thinking about your own wacked out morals. I'm going to be honest, your type is actually one of the more annoying types for me. Pretend you're thinking about the team and the salt it would create if 2 voted to surrender and 3 voted no, while you blatantly admit that you don't give a damn about a team being spawn trapped for 30+ minutes.

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    @HeartQueen you should chat one of your tank to deploy shield when going out this tactics works if your team are good on doing it

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